Children's Scholarship Fund

Address:8 W. 38th Street, 9th floor New York NY 10018
Telephone(s):(212) 515-7100
Fax:(212) 515-7111
World Wide Web: http://www.scholarshipfund.org


From the Web site: Welcome to our website. Founded in 1998, the Children's Scholarship Fund has the mission of giving parents a choice and children a chance when it comes to their education. We do this by providing partial tuition assistance for low-income families to send their children to private schools in grades K-8. We focus on the earlier grades to ensure a solid educational foundation. Since our inception, more than 86,000 children have benefited from our scholarships across the United States as part of our mission to expand choice in education. Currently more than 25,000 children are using CSF scholarships. These children are attending the school of their parents choice through the generosity of our donors, the efforts of our 38 partner programs across the country and the sacrifices made by the families themselves, who pay-on average-50% of their children's tuition. Please explore our site for more information about our program and how you might like to become involved.

Services Offered:Student Financial Aid
Target Groups(By Need):Children