United States. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Burial and Memorial Benefit. Calverton National Cemetery.

Address:210 Princeton Boulevard Calverton NY 11933-1031
Telephone(s):800-827-1000 (To confirm eligibility) 631-727-5410 (Calverton National Cemetery)
World Wide Web: http://www.cem.va.gov

Description:1. U.S. Veterans of the Armed Forces who received an honorable discharge (DD214) may be entitled to burial in a local National Cemetery at no cost. The spouse may qualify for National Cemetery burial as well.

2. If the death is service-connected, up to $1,500 of burial costs may be reimbursed. If applicable, the VA will also pay the cost of transportation of the remains of the veteran to the nearest National Cemetery.

3. If (a) the veteran died in a VA medical or VA nursing facility or (b) had been receiving compensation from the VA, then $300 in burial expenses may be reimbursed and/or the decedent's estate may be eligible for $150 plot allowance, regardless of where they are buried.

Contact your funeral director for assistance. If the veteran dies in NYC, the remains will often be buried in the Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island (631-727-5410).

Eligibility Requirements:U.S. Veterans of the Armed Forces and their spouses.
Admission Requirements/Documents:Copy of Honorable Discharge papers.

Services Offered:Benefits Assistance
Target Groups(By Need):Veterans