New York City. Department of Education.
School Based Health Centers.

Also Known As:SBHC
Address: NY
World Wide Web: http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/Health/SBHC/SBHC.htm


SBHC can serve as a student's Primary Care Provider (PCP) or complement services provided by an outside PCP. It provides scheduled and walk-in services when schools are in session and 24-hour telephone coverage to assist with problems that may arise when the SBHC is closed. SBHCs provide three primary services in a school:

1.     Primary care and preventive health services such as: (a) comprehensive physical examinations, including those for sports, working papers, and new admissions; (b) mandated school health services, including screenings for vision, hearing, asthma, obesity, scoliosis, tuberculosis and other medical conditions; and (c) medical care and treatment for chronic illness and disease, including dispensing and prescribing of medications.

2.     First aid care to all students registered in the building.

3.     Emergency care to anyone in need on school premises.

Some SBHCs provide additional services such as mental health care, reproductive health services (high schools only), optometry services, and dental care.  Often, SBHC staff participates in their school’s health education programs.  If a service is not directly provided by the SBHC, the staff may refer students to outside specialists when needed.



Mon - Fri, 8 am - 4:30 pm; 24-hr hotline available for emergencies.

Eligibility Requirements:

Every child in New York State is eligible for health insurance including undocumented immigrants.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free

Services Offered:Health Care
Target Groups(By Need):Students