Family Support Services/Residential Habilitation

Address:22-44 119th Street College Point NY 11356
World Wide Web: http://www.psch.org/programs_services/empowering_developmental/residential_habilitation


PSCH At-Home Residential Habilitation: In-home training designed to enable the consumer to develop/improve skills to help achieve greater independence and integration into the community. An individualized program and schedule is developed that focuses on the consumer's needs and personal goals. Goals may relate to: Self care skills; Personal hygiene; Independent living skills; Functional academics communication; Mobility; Nutrition and health; Mastering the community environment. A Residential Habilitation Specialist provides in-home services, one-on-one training and support. The consumer and Residential Habilitation Specialist may participate in activities that foster socialization, recreation and community integration.


Mon - Fri, 9 - 5 pm

Eligibility Requirements:

No minimum age; primary diagnosis - developmental disability.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Medicaid eligibility or Medicaid waiver required.

Services Offered:Health EducationIn-Home AssistanceIndependent Living Skills InstructionNutrition Education
Target Groups(By Need):ChildrenDisabilities, People withFamilies / Friends of People with Disabilities