Citizens Union Foundation
Foundation of the City of New York

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Citizens Union Foundation.
Address:299 Broadway, Suite 700 New York NY 10007
Telephone(s):212-227-0342 Ex. 46
World Wide Web: http://www.citizensunion.org


CUF  Monitors the deliberations and actions of city and state government,
•  Conducts research on important issues of political reform,
•  Analyzes the impact of proposed public policies and legislation at the city and state level,
•  Proposes constructive solutions and thoughtful approaches to improve the functioning of government in service to the citizens it represents,
•  Educates and engages the public on important civic issues through forums, symposiums and our news and policy Web site, GothamGazette.com, and
•  Issues amicus briefs on important issues before the courts relating to citizen participation in the political process.


Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Services Offered:Community Action / Social Advocacy Groups