St. Mary's Hospital for Children
Early Intervention Program

Sponsor/Parent Agency:St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children
Address:29-01 216th Street Bayside NY 11360
Fax:(516) 861-3800
World Wide Web: http://stmaryskids.org/resources/childrens-healthcare-issues/premature-birth/early-intervention/


The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. 


Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 4 pm.

Eligibility Requirements:

Children age 0-3. Potentially eligible children must be referred to the Growing Up Healthy Hotline at 800-522-5006 or the program in the county where they reside. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. When EI services are delivered in child care settings or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any costs associated with such settings or locations. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract. If eligible, the municipality will arrange for service providers to deliver authorized services. All services are identified with the parent and authorized by the county.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Day CareEarly Intervention for Developmentally DelayedHealth CareMutual Support Groups
Languages Offered:Spanish
Target Groups(By Need):At Risk Youth