Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services
Cult Hotline and Clinic

Address:135 West 50th St., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10020 New York NY 10019
Telephone(s):(212) 632-4640 (Hotline & Clinic)
Fax:(212) 956-3334.
World Wide Web: www.cultclinic.org


The Cult Hotline & Clinic was founded in 1980 to serve families and friends of cult members, former cult members, and to educate community groups most at risk of interaction with cults. We are a nonprofit, non-sectarian counseling and education organization working with people of all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

We offer consultation, counseling, community education, and referrals. The Cult Clinic is not an intervention agency, but we can assist families in the exit counseling process.


24 hrs/7-days. Call for Clinic Hours.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Some fees for service (e.g. counseling and support groups) on a sliding scale. Call for more information.

Target Groups(By Need):FamiliesYouth