Children's Defense Fund - New York

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Children's Defense Fund
Address:15 Maiden Lane, Suite 1200 New York NY 10038
World Wide Web: http://www.cdfny.org/


The Children's Defense Fund is a national organization, but one with roots in many communities across the United States. The role of CDF-NY is to implement the national organization's mission in New York. One of the CDF's major programs is the Child Vaccination Program. This program works to ensure that all New York children under two years of age are adequately vaccinated. CDF-NY is also very active in efforts to educate the public, legislators, and policy makers about the effects of proposed governmental budget cuts, at all levels, on the children of New York.


Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Services Offered:Child Abuse PreventionHuman Rights Groups