Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality

Also Known As:SATH
Address:347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 605 New York NY 10016
Telephone(s):(212) 447-7284
Fax:(212) 447-1928
World Wide Web: http://www.sath.org


The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) is a non-profit educational organization that has actively represented travelers with disabilities since 1976. SATH's mission is to promote awareness, respect and accessibility for disabled and mature travelers and employment for persons with disabilities in the tourism industry. SATH works vigorously for the creation of a barrier-free environment (architectural and attitudinal) throughout all segments of the travel and tourism industry in the United States and abroad. The Society's efforts bore fruit in the access section of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and in the Air Carriers Access Act. Provides information and referral services for travel of people with disabilities.


Mon - Fri, 9 am.- 5 pm. Telephone only.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Annual membership fees: Adults, $45, seniors and students, $30, and travel-related industries, $100. Membership includes the quarterly publication "Open World." Call for more information.

Services Offered:Job Search / PlacementPublic Awareness / EducationSpecialized Information and Referral
Target Groups(By Need):Disabilities, People withOlder Adults