Socrates Sculpture Park

Sponsor/Parent Agency:New York City Parks & Recreation Dept.
Address:P.O. Box 6259, 32-01 Vernon Boulevard Long Island City NY 111066
Telephone(s):(718) 956-1819
Fax:(718) 626-1533
World Wide Web: http://www.socratessculpturepark.org/


Socrates Sculpture Park is a laboratory for both artistic and social projects. For the artists who work here, the Park provides an opportunity to create work on a monumental scale that is unthinkable within the confines of a studio. For its neighbors, the Park provides a backyard community resource. That is a place where local residents work side-by-side with artists to create a haven for art and nature. Workshops and neighborhood mural projects extend the Park's activities into the surrounding community. Through community involvement the Park demystifies the creative process as well as increases the public's understanding of modern art.


Open 365 days a year from 10 am to sunset.

Eligibility Requirements:

Anyone who is above 18 can apply for artistic projects.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Recreational ActivitiesRecreational FacilitiesWorkshops / Symposiums