Jamaica Family Center

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Child Care Center of New York
Address:89-56 162nd St., 3rd Floor Jamaica NY 11432
Telephone(s):(718) 297-8000
Fax:(718) 262-8228.
World Wide Web: http://www.actforyouth.net/?queens


Works closely with the Jamaica Family Center substance abuse program to provide comprehensive services to substance-abusing women whose children are at risk of physical or sexual abuse and/or neglect. Includes parent education groups, infant, toddler and preschool program, child development evaluation and school holiday and summer programming for school-aged children.


24-hour availability via hotline: (718) 830-5061.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Private insurance; sliding-scale fees, according to clients' ability to pay. Some programs are free.

Services Offered:Parenting EducationYouth Development
Languages Offered:Spanish
Target Groups(By Need):Substance Abusers