Employment Program for Recovered Alcoholics

Address:261 West 35th Street, 9th Floor New York NY 10001
Telephone(s):212-947-1471 866-847-1504
World Wide Web: http://www.eprany.org/


EPRA is a comprehensive vocational training program for recovering alcoholics. Services include: individual and group counseling; vocational counseling, testing, and evaluation; transitional work program; interviewing techniques; workshops; resume writing; job search techniques; job development; and follow-up services.


Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Total abstinence from alcohol and all illicit drugs; NYC resident in one of 5 boroughs; Ongoing involvement with alcohol/substance counseling, or other appropriate treatment; Demonstrate appropriate level of insight and coping skills needed to address vocational issues in a group setting; Completion of an evaluation form by your primary counselor, and a face-to-face interview are required.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Proof of age, physician exam/report, SS card/number, proof of financial status (receiving Unemployment or public assistance).

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free
Access for People with Disabilities:Elevator access; wheelchair accessible.

Services Offered:Alcoholism Counseling
Target Groups(By Need):Alcohol Abusers