New York State. Education Department.
GED Testing Office

Address:P.O. Box 7348 Albany NY 12224-0348
Telephone(s):518-474-5906 718-557-2525
World Wide Web: http://www.acces.nysed.gov/ged/


This program offers the High School Equivalency Test (GED test) for residents of New York State. Testing centers are located throughout the state. The GED Testing Office offers a hotline (518) 474-5906 for questions about GED testing policies and procedures.  A new test will be implemented January 1, 2014.  Those 17-24 who have taken the test after January 2002 must take it again in 2013 for their scores to be combined.  You may call 718-557-2525 or go to www.GEDCompass.org for more information.


Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility requirements include: non-graduation from high school or already qualified for the High School Equivalency Diploma; residency - you must have lived in New York State for at least one month; and age - you must be at least 19. Ages 16-18 may be eligible if they meet other requirements.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Forms are on the website

Fees/Methods of Payment:No required fee.

Services Offered:GED Instruction
Languages Offered:FrenchSpanish
Target Groups(By Need):High School Dropouts