Lighthouse International

Address:111 East 59th Street New York NY 10022
Telephone(s):(800) 284-4422
World Wide Web: http://www.navh.org/


Services for children and adults who cannot meet normal standards of vision, even with corrective lenses, include: counseling to ease the trauma associated with the reality of visual impairment; publication of large print materials; referring individuals to local agencies for assistance and low vision services; library services; information and counselings on visual aids; public education; and professional education.

Eligibility Requirements:

The partially sighted, their families, friends and professionals who serve them are eligible.

Access for People with Disabilities:Wheelchair access.

Services Offered:Disability Related CounselingPre-job GuidanceSpecialized Information and Referral
Languages Offered:Spanish
Target Groups(By Need):Disabilities, People with