Cocaine Anonymous of New York

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Cocaine Anonymous World Service Organization
Address:48 West 21st Street, 9th Floor New York NY 10010
Telephone(s):Help Line (212) COCAINE (212) 929-7300
World Wide Web: http://www.canewyork.org/


CANY is service organization of the individual, autonomous CA groups in the Greater New York Area. It maintain an office and phone service, compile and produce a meeting list, have a public relations committee, reply to the hundreds of inquiries and requests for help received in the mail and more. CANY uses the Twelve-Step recovery program. Besides the five boroughs, CANY also has meetings in Westchester, Syracuse, Orange, Rockland, Upstate New York, and New Jersery. Please call for current meeting list.


Monday-Thursday: 6:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Desire to stop using drugs.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Drug Abuse CounselingSubstance Abuse Counseling
Target Groups(By Need):Drug Abusers