Elm York Home for Adults Assisted Living Program

Address:100-30 Ditmars Boulevard East Elmhurst NY 11369


Elm-York is a home for adults servicing middle-aged persons, some with medical and mental health problems. Also, we are an Assisted Living Program. Services include meals, housekeeping-medication supervision, full aftercare, medical care, recreating, and nursing services.


Open 24 hours/7 days, but visiting hours are 9:00am-7:00pm everyday.

Eligibility Requirements:

45+ of age, U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Must be screened by Catholic Charities & Home. / Medicals, psychosocial evaluation

Fees/Methods of Payment:Medicaid (ALP only); private pay; SSI and social security
Access for People with Disabilities:Doors that open both directions (in & out).

Services Offered:Inpatient Health FacilitiesMental Health Care and Counseling
Target Groups(By Need):Mental Illness / Emotional DisabilitiesOlder Adults