Address:25-09 Broadway Astoria NY 11106
World Wide Web: http://www.qsac.com/


The mission of QSAC, Quality Services for the Autism Community, is to help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder to live meaningful and fulfilled lives in our society. To accomplish this goal QSAC develops and provides educational, habilitation, residential, support, and recreational programs to meet the needs of persons with autism and their families.QSAC provides comprehensive services and programs to individuals with ASD and their families, ranging from early intervention and preschool program for young children to day program and residential services for adults. QSAC’ programs provide all participants with the opportunity to acquire, maintain, and practice the skills necessary to lead a more fulfilling and independent life and become productive members of the community.


Office hours, Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm; Hours for other services vary.

Languages Offered:Spanish
Target Groups(By Need):Functional Disabilities