Community Mediation Services
Youth Development Program

Address:89-64 163 Street Jamaica NY 11432
Telephone(s):(718) 523-6868
Fax:(718) 523-8204
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Youth Development involves the following programs: CMS is dedicated to promoting effective approaches to conflict-resolution and problem solving for youth, their families and the community.  The program strives to divert at-risk youth ages 9-17 from Family and Criminal Court Systems by providing them with personal mentors for a period of 15 weeks. Mentors offer youth consistent support, guidance and alternatives to at-risk behaviors by providing educational, recreational and culturally enriching opportunities.  Youth and their parents/guardians enter the program through an intake process in which they meet with a case manager to develop specific, individualized goals and formulate a service plan. The case manager then aids in the attainment of these goals by making referrals to appropriate professionals and monitoring each program participant’s progress.The program provides youth ages 13-19 with leadership and conflict-resolution training in order to empower them to become involved in political, economic and social institutions in their community and thus help shape the future in which they will live. Youth meet weekly for workshops and design various community service projects.
Our comprehensive programs provide academic reinforcements and attendance support in addition to individual and group counseling, arts enrichment, conflict resolution and advocacy services.


Office Hours Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Delinquent, truant, acting-out youth and concerned college students are eligible.

Admission Requirements/Documents:


Fees/Methods of Payment:Free
Access for People with Disabilities:Wheelchair entry, but inaccessible restroom.

Services Offered:Mentoring ProgramsYouth Development
Target Groups(By Need):At Risk YouthJuvenile DelinquentsYouth