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Residential Programs.

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Telephone(s):(212) 273-6182
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There are more than 50 residential programs which are located throughout the New York metropolitan area. These community residences provide a home-like atmosphere for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities and for those who were formally institutionalized as well as for those who have always lived in the community with their families. There are six kinds of residences: intermediate care facilities, individual residential alternatives, individual support services, community residences, free standing weekend respite facilities, and supported living programs. All facilities seek to integrate their residents into the surrounding community and its resources.

Eligibility Requirements:

Persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities are eligible.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Medicaid; SSI.

Services Offered:Adult Residential Care HomesMental Health Care and CounselingMental Retardation
Target Groups(By Need):Mental Illness / Emotional Disabilities