Asociacion Tepeyac

Address:38 W 38 Street, 2nd floor New York NY 10018
World Wide Web: http://www.tepeyac.org


Asociación Tepeyac is an organization dedicated to helping Mexican immigrants and other Spanish speakers with immigration and labor related matters, including how to negotiate with the various city, state and federal agencies. It offers psychological, individual, family and group counseling, and also provides English language classes, as well as computer, video and photography classes, GED classes in Spanish; folkloric ballet classes and soccer teams. The Association administers two programs for the victims of the Twin Towers. During the year, the Association organizes many cultural events, among them the Artistic Mexican Expression Festival that takes place in the five boroughs of the city, the Sun Fair and the Guadalupan Torch Race. Annual membership in the Association is through committees, of which there are more than 40 throughout all the boroughs of the city; or when enrolled in any of the courses or programs, membership may be acquired during the period of the course. Both memberships are low cost. Other services include cultural development, economic development, community development, human rights, and leadership development. Official publication: "El Popocatepetl."


Mon-Fri 9-7.

Eligibility Requirements:


Admission Requirements/Documents:


Access for People with Disabilities:None.

Services Offered:Career AwarenessEnglish as a Second LanguageGED InstructionImmigration / Naturalization Legal Services
Languages Offered:Spanish
Target Groups(Ethnic):Hispanics / Latinos
Target Groups(By Need):ImmigrantsEnglish Language Learners