Islamic Circle of North America

Also Known As:ICNA
Address:166-26 89 Ave. Jamaica NY 11432
World Wide Web: http://www.icna.org


A non-ethnic, non-sectarian, open to all, North America wide, grassroots organization. Engages in neighborhood networking efforts and the creation of publications and multimedia productions designed to convey the message of Islam. Programs include: MUSLIM ALERT NETWORK The oldest Muslim media monitoring organization responding to stereotyping of Muslims in the media. ICNA RELIEF Relief efforts to help the needy locally and internationally. MSI FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION Interest-free investments and financing offered as an Islamic alternative. ICNA BOOK SERVICE A source of literature on Islam in many languages. MAGAZINE: "The Message" (Monthly)


Mon-Fri 8 am-8 pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Muslims who agree with goals and program of ICNA.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Charities / Foundations / Funding OrganizationsCommunity Action / Social Advocacy GroupsInterest - Free Loans
Languages Offered:ArabicBengaliUrdu
Target Groups(Ethnic):Muslims