Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Also Known As:HIAS
Address:333 7 Ave., 16th Floor New York NY 10001
Telephone(s):212-967-4100 800-HIAS-714
World Wide Web: http://www.hias.org/


PRE- and POST-MIGRATION SERVICES Advice and assistance for prospective refugees and immigrants both overseas and in the U.S., including credible, timely migration information on U.S. policies and procedures; help in evaluating whether individuals qualify for an immigrant visa petition and aid in preparing documents; training tools to help prepare for the naturalization exam and interview and assistance in completing the applications; legal counseling and representation at immigration proceedings; a worldwide location service to find relatives and other missing persons; scholarships for former clients and their children to help these new Americans pursue their educational and career goals.


Mon-Fri 9-5.

Services Offered:Benefits AssistanceCitizenship EducationImmigrant Rights GroupsImmigration / Naturalization Legal ServicesLegal Representation
Languages Offered:FrenchPersian (Farsi)RussianSpanish
Target Groups(Ethnic):Jews
Target Groups(By Need):New ImmigrantsRefugees / Entrants / Asylees