The Partnership for the Homeless
Education Rights Project

Address:305 Seventh Avenue, 14th Floor New York NY 10001
World Wide Web: http://partnershipforthehomeless.org/pages/education-rights-project1/


Breaking the cycle of school failure and generational poverty is the goal of the Education Rights Project. It works with children and their families in East New York to support academic progress and build self-esteem – so students are more likely to stay in school and parents are better equipped to support their children’s schooling, despite housing instability.

We focus on children in the elementary years, often turning point years that influence whether a child will ultimately go on to graduate or drop out. The bedrock of the project is three intersecting guiding principles:
•Children experiencing housing instability can continue to succeed in school if they are supported to build the skills and confidence to counter the impact of their circumstances.
•Parents can learn to be strong supports for their children’s education and effective advocates for their needs with schools.
•Teachers and school authorities can be supported to become better partners in responding to the particular challenges of children experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

Services Offered:Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities/DelaysEducation Advocacy GroupsFamily Counseling AgenciesYouth Development
Target Groups(By Need):ChildrenFamiliesHomeless PeopleLow-Income