The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.
Citizenship Training and Civic Engagement

Address:110 William Street, Suite 1802 New York NY 10038
Telephone(s):1 (212) 206-1090
World Wide Web: http://chcfinc.org/policy-and-advocacy/citizenship-training/


CHCF ensures Latinos contribute to, benefit from, and improve our democratic system. They help people become citizens and register to vote, and involve youth and families into our advocacy efforts. CHCF’s staff prepares immigrants to take the US Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization exam. Their course covers US government, history, the Constitution, and a “Know Your Rights” seminar. The course is not just preparation for the test; it helps immigrants become fully participating citizens. 

Services Offered:Citizenship Education
Target Groups(Ethnic):Hispanics / Latinos
Target Groups(By Need):New Immigrants