Steinway Child and Family Services
Steinway Clinic

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Steinway Child and Family Services
Address:22-15 43rd Avenue Long Island City 11101-3825
Telephone(s):718) 389-5100
Fax:(718) 784-2920


Clinics provide individual, group and family therapy as well as medication therapy and management.  The clinics offer a continuum of mental health services so consumers can easily access the appropriate level of care.

Therapists working in tandem with consumers develop a treatment plan with specific therapeutic goals. Length of care depends on the attainment of those goals.  The average length of treatment is 6 months to a year.


Steinway’s clinics operate weekdays and Saturdays.
For specific times, call SCFS’ general information number

Eligibility Requirements:

Clinic referrals come from community groups, schools, managed care providers, residential centers, faith-based institutions, hospitals, drug/alcohol programs, mobile crisis teams, provider agencies, New York City and State mental health and social services agencies and former and current clients.

Services Offered:Mental Health Care and Counseling
Target Groups(By Need):FamiliesMental Illness / Emotional Disabilities