Shield Institute
Day Habilitation Services

Address:144-61 Roosevelt Avenue Flushing NY 11354
World Wide Web: http://www.shield.org/adults/#day-habilitation-services


The Shield Institute Day Habilitation programs provide stimulating environments to a diverse population of adults with developmental disabilities. Our mission that each adult deserves a right to a life filled with choice, self- determination, and meaning, is the focus of our work in defining our sense of community. We aspire to provide individuals with life experiences that will enhance their independence and encourage their fullest participation.

Our programs are funded and monitored through the OPWDD (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities). For more information about all services funded through OPWDD, please follow this link:  http://www.opwdd.ny.gov/.

Within our facilities, individuals participate in activities that foster acceptance and represent varied interests. Shared spaces include a gym, art studio, kitchen, sensory room, media/recreation room and consumer-operated store and office. Our programs are supported and enriched by our clinical staff. We offer physical and occupational therapy, social work, psychology, nursing, speech therapy and recreation, along with the regularly scheduled activities and goals implemented by our direct support staff.

We work closely with staff to realize the person centered outcomes of each consumer. Through the eyes of each consumer, we create and offer experiences that reinforce their interests, hobbies and abilities. All of our staff are highly trained culturally sensitive professionals who are knowledgeable about the needs of people with developmental disabilities.  Group Day Habilitation is a day program provided on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Group Day Habilitation is a day program provided on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Services Offered:Adult Day ProgramsGeneral Counseling ServicesIndependent Living Skills InstructionMental RetardationYouth Development
Target Groups(By Need):Disabilities, People withMental Illness / Emotional Disabilities