Postgraduate Center of Mental Health
ACT Clinic

Address:443 39th St.2nd Floor Brooklyn NY 11232
World Wide Web: http://www.pgcmh.org/programs/clinical_programs.html


The Assertive Community Treatment Program provides on-going, community based psychiatric services to people who have histories of mental illness, multiple in-patient admissions, and difficulties obtaining or maintaining treatment in out patient treatment programs. The ACT Team conducts treatment needs assessments, which includes psychiatric services and social services. The Team makes home visits, referrals to other services as needed and appropriate, and coordination of services. The ACT Program is not time limited, but it is limited to residents of Sunset Park, Red Hook, Park Slope, and areas of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.


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Fees/Methods of Payment:Please Call.

Services Offered:Mental Health Care and Counseling
Target Groups(By Need):Mental Illness / Emotional Disabilities