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Address:809 Westchester Ave Bronx 10455
World Wide Web: http://www.osborneny.org/programs.cfm?programID=44


Arches offers a group mentoring intervention that draws on the strengths and assets of young people involved in the justice system. The curriculum is designed to empower young people to transform the attitudes and behaviors that have led to harmful behavior and that present challenges to realizing productive goals. The program’s focus is on the achievement of developmental outcomes that prepare young people to succeed at education, work, and civic participation, and to develop and maintain positive relationships.

The core components of Arches include:
1 | A group process that encourages participants to become an important support system for each other.
2 | Interactive Journaling, a curriculum based on cognitive behavioral principles delivered by culturally appropriate mentors.
3 | Mentors who are available for support, advice, and guidance.

Location information:

Subway: 2 or 5 to Prospect Ave | Buses: BX17, BX4, BX4A & BX6


Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Eligibility Requirements:

This program is available to 16 to 24 year olds who are currently on Probation and are struggling with life aspects such as relationships, family, education, employment, goal setting, and making changes to habits, thoughts and behaviors.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Bring valid ID: social security card, birth certificate, passport, citizen card or NYS ID or driver’s license

Target Groups(By Need):Adolescents