New York Hospital Queens

Address:56-20 Main Street (Across street from hospital) Flushing 11355
Telephone(s):(718) 670-1837 (718) 445-0220
World Wide Web: http://www.nyhq.org/Neurosurgery


The Neurosurgery division at New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ) is committed to providing our patients and their doctors with excellent neurosurgical care – from the first office contact to surgery and through recovery.

A combination of high quality facility and training enable our surgeons, and their teams to provide the best neurosurgical care in the borough of Queens. Our comprehensive program includes expertise in most fields of neurosurgery including conditions related to the brain and spinal cord.

Surgery should be selected only after less invasive therapies have failed.  We maintain close relationships with our colleagues who offer pain management and rehabilitation services. However, if a patient has failed using conservative treatments (such as physical therapy and other modalities) or is in extreme pain which cannot be relieved with medication, then it becomes necessary to consider surgical options.  Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive procedures that make our operations as safe as possible, lead to faster recovery times and less disruption in our patients’ lives.

Our neurosurgeons use the surgical facilities at NYHQ and advanced technology including 3D intra-operative X-rays.  We use intra-operative spinal as well as cranial and spinal navigation that provides immediate feedback during surgical interventions.  We also perform modern procedures including kyphoplasty and disc replacements.