New York State Department of Labor
Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs

Also Known As:DIPA
Address:75 Varick St., 7th Floor New York NY 10013
Telephone(s):212-775-3665 Toll Free Worker Hotline: 1-877-466-9757
World Wide Web: http://www.labor.ny.gov/immigrants/


The Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA) works inside and outside the Department of Labor to serve the needs of immigrants. We make sure our protections, services, and programs are available to everyone, including people with limited English proficiency. .

 DIPA teaches immigrant communities about their workplace rights, and our agency’s services and programs. We frequently conduct outreach with other groups that work in immigrant communities,

We use our “Labor on Wheels” van to visit areas where large groups of immigrants live or work. The van helps us bring information to people who are not able to visit a Department of Labor office because of distance or time. In 2010, we made more than 200 outreach visits and gave out materials in English and 20 other languages. We used the Labor on Wheels van to make many of those visits.

 DIPA is the first point of contact for those who have questions or concerns about immigrant workers, job seekers, and others. We: .
•Connect them with the correct agency program or division
•Make referrals to other organizations
•Answer questions on our toll-free worker hotline, 1-877-466-9757

We also conduct outreach to immigrant business owners about employment laws. Immigrant and limited English proficient employers face challenges understanding their legal responsibilities. We invite them to employer seminars where they learn about employment laws, as well as programs and resources that can help their businesses grow. .

Immigrant Workforce Project
One result of our work is the Immigrant Workforce Project (IWP). The IWP aims to connect immigrant and limited English proficient job seekers with the One Stop Career Center system. It also strives to improve and expand the employment services available to them. .

 DIPA’s State Monitor Advocate helps make sure that farm workers work in good conditions and receive fair pay. The Monitor Advocate: .
•Manages the state’s rural program
•Works closely with the Foreign Labor Certification office
•Oversees statewide compliance with relevant labor laws

 DIPA staff visit farms to inform workers of their rights. They also teach farmers about their responsibility under state and federal laws. Our goal is to make sure that New York’s large and diverse agriculture industry thrives as it follows rules that protect worker rights, safety, and dignity. .

Immigrant Crime Victims

Labor Trafficking
 DIPA is a member of various anti-trafficking coalitions intended to educate the public about what trafficking is and how to identify trafficking victims, advocate for appropriate services for trafficking victims and their families, and respond effectively to concerns raised by community organizations which work directly with trafficking victims.

U Visas

The New York State Department of Labor is a qualified certifying agency for the federal U visa that provides legal status to victims of certain serious crimes, and within it DIPA is responsible for evaluating certification applications. Early in 2011, DIPA issued a Certification Protocol outlining the factors to be considered in response to certification requests.


Languages: interpreters are available in many languages


M-F 9-5.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Job Search / PlacementJob TrainingVocational EducationWorkshops / Symposiums
Target Groups(By Need):Immigrants