New York Service Program for Older People
Substance Abuse Counseling Services

Address:302 West 91st Street New York 10024
Telephone(s):212.787.7120 ext. 514
Fax:212 580.0533
World Wide Web: http://spop.org


SPOP social workers provide outpatient services for clients who have a psychiatric illness and an addiction to  alcohol or other substance.  Provide each individual with a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a trained clinician and a psychiatrist. Upon acceptance, the client  receives one or more of the following services:

•Individual and group counseling
•Insight-oriented therapy
•Case management
•Psychiatric supervision of medication
•Crisis intervention
•Periodic psychiatric reviews
•Family supportive counseling 


Additional information and referral assistance is also available.

Location information:

Services are provided at the SPOP Clinic, at senior sites in Manhattan, and in the home where appropriate.


Mon through Fri, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Adults age 55 and over who have a primary mental health diagnosis with a secondary diagnosis of alcohol or other substance use disorders.

Services Offered:Case / Care ManagementDrug Abuse Counseling