Ostomy Association of New York

Sponsor/Parent Agency:United Ostomy Associations of America
Address:1317 3rd Ave New York 10021
Telephone(s):(718) 884-1639
World Wide Web: http://ostomyassocny.org/


OANY is a non-profit organization supporting individuals who have or may require various types of intestinal or urinary diversions. We provide education, outreach and support through monthly meetings, telephone, e-mail, newsletters, and our visitation program. OANY is comprised of the Colostomy Society of New York and the Ileostomy Association of New York, both affiliated support groups of the United Ostomy Associations of America.

Eligibility Requirements:

Open discussions at our regular meetings allow informal sharing of experiences and information in an accepting and welcoming environment. A clinical nurse specialist attends most of our sessions and is there to provide individual guidance regarding ostomy management. The meetings feature presentations from physicians or other health care professionals and discuss such topics as physical fitness, nutrition, pain management, social, psychological and sexual concerns, travel tips, surgical alternatives, etc. Additionally there is an annual product fair presented by vendors of ostomy care products.

We meet monthly (except for January, February, July and August) and all are welcome including spouses, significant others, children or friends to share the experience.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

We are available by phone and for personal visits. Our visitors are certified volunteers with matching surgeries/medical concerns who share their experience and knowledge regarding all non-medical concerns. Visits are made with the patient’s consent and all visitors complete a formal training program administered by health care professionals every 2 years.

Services Offered:Mutual Support Groups
Target Groups(By Need):Disabilities, People with