Alphabetical Agency List

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Agency Information

F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services System-Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline
F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services System-Rego Park Behavioral Health Counseling Center
Fairview Nursing Care Center
Faith Mission-Alcohol Crisis Center
Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church
Families Anonymous
Families Together in New York State
Family Aides-Early Intervention Program
family court attorney program
Family Development Centers of St. Christopher-Ottilie
Family Focus Adoption Services
Fedcap-Central Administration and Home Care
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Beacon 176 Community Center
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Mental Health Clinics
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Project Cope
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Rego Park Counseling Center
Federation of Chians Cultural Education Fund
Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens
FEGS N-Y-S-D Service
Ferrini League
Filipino American Human Services
Florence E. Smith Senior Services
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Department of Dentistry
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Medical Library
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Mental Health Outpatient Services
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Sanford Avenue Clinic
Flushing International High School
Flushing International YMCA
Flushing International YMCA-Beacon Center for District 25 at JHS 189
Flushing Jewish Community Council
Flushing Manor Care Center
Flushing YMCA-New Americans Welcome Center
Food Bank for NYC-First United Church of Jamaica
Food Bank for NYC-Fortune Society
Food Bank for NYC-Rescare
Food Bank for NYC-Santander Bank Howard
Food Bank for NYC-St. George Santander Bank
Food Bank for NYC-World Harvest
FoodBankNYC-Free Tax Assistance
Forest Hills Community House Senior Center
Forest Hills Jewish Center-Nursery School and Kindergarten
Forest Hills Senior Citizens Center
Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Forest Park Nursery
Forest View Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
Forestdale, Inc.
Fortune Society
Foster Grandparent Program
Foundation for Religion and Mental Health-Queens Counseling Services
Franklin Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
Freedom From Fear Organization
Freedom Institute