Alphabetical Agency List

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Agency Information

F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services System-Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline
F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services System-Rego Park Behavioral Health Counseling Center
Fairview Nursing Care Center
Faith Mission-Alcohol Crisis Center
Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church
Families Anonymous
Families Together in New York State
Family Aides-Early Intervention Program
family court attorney program
Family Development Centers of St. Christopher-Ottilie
Family Focus Adoption Services
Fedcap-Central Administration and Home Care
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Beacon 176 Community Center
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Mental Health Clinics
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Project Cope
Federation Employment and Guidance Service-Rego Park Counseling Center
Federation of Chians Cultural Education Fund
Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens
FEGS N-Y-S-D Service
Ferrini League
Filipino American Human Services
Florence E. Smith Senior Services
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Department of Dentistry
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Medical Library
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Mental Health Outpatient Services
Flushing Hospital Medical Center-Sanford Avenue Clinic
Flushing International High School
Flushing International YMCA
Flushing International YMCA-Beacon Center for District 25 at JHS 189
Flushing Jewish Community Council
Flushing Manor Care Center
Flushing YMCA-New Americans Welcome Center
Food Bank for NYC-First United Church of Jamaica
Food Bank for NYC-Fortune Society
Food Bank for NYC-Rescare
Food Bank for NYC-Santander Bank Howard
Food Bank for NYC-St. George Santander Bank
Food Bank for NYC-Transfiguration of Christ Greek Orthodox Church
Food Bank for NYC-World Harvest
FoodBankNYC-Free Tax Assistance
Forest Hills Jewish Center-Nursery School and Kindergarten
Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Forest Park Nursery
Forest View Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
Forestdale, Inc.
Fortune Society
Foundation for Religion and Mental Health-Queens Counseling Services
Franklin Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing
Freedom From Fear Organization
Freedom Institute