ESOL Curriculum

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Curriculum of the Queens Library has been developed utilizing a thematic approach to address the needs of our students at different levels of instruction. Our ESOL curriculum has been revised in order to meet the Common Core Standards for ESOL instruction outlined by New York State Education Department (NYSED). Our curriculum consists of two levels of instruction: Beginner and Intermediate.

Beginner Level Curriculum

The beginner level curriculum is designed to help students who do not know any English to obtain a basic understanding and verbal command of the English language as well as basic grammatical tenses and basic survival vocabulary. The topics covered in the beginner curriculum range from providing basic personal information, traveling around town, to going to the doctor, shopping for food, etc.

Module 1: Personal Information, Family, and Daily Routines
Module 2: Library Lesson, Neighborhood, and Travelling Around
Module 3: Health, Housing, and Food
Module 4: Employment, Money and Budget, Clothing, and Shopping

Intermediate Level Curriculum

The Intermediate Level Curriculum is designed to help students who have a basic understanding and basic oral command of the English language as well as enhance their knowledge of grammatical tenses and improve their vocabulary beyond the survival level. The topics covered in the intermediate curriculum range from personal introductions, the educational system in the US, to renting an apartment, applying for a job, etc.

Module 1: Personal Information, Goals and Strategies, and Community Life
Module 2: The Library, Jobs and Employment
Module 3: Health and Exercise, Food and Nutrition, and Civics
Module 4: Money and Budget, Consumer Awareness, and Housing

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