The Queens Library serves 2.2 million people from 62 locations plus seven Adult Learning Centers and two Family Literacy Centers. Our services include everything from adult learning to health literacy.

Adult Literacy

The Adult Learner Program provides services, resources, and life-long learning opportunities to the changing communities of Queens.

Citizenship & Immigration

Information for immigrants, Diversity Visa Lottery assistance, and resources for New Americans.

Community Information

The Library offers several Queens-specific resources, including databases on demographics and services available to residents.

Computers & Wi-Fi

Computers and Wi-Fi are available for card holders at all library locations.

Get a Library Card

You may obtain a free library card if you live, work, go to school or own property in new York State. This section also includes information on how to use your card, extended use fees, My Account, and changing your PIN.

Health Information

Access HealthLink, Consumer Health Resources Center, and the Medical Librarian, as well as health literacy resources.

International Relations

Queens Library serves the most ethnically and culturally diverse country in the United States. Queens Library has long been a pioneer in partnering with libraries in other countries in order to exchange professional knowledge and to facilitate obtaining library materials in other countries in languages other than English.

Job Information

The Job Information Centers maintain a collection of specialized career and education resources including books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, forms and catalogs.

Learn English

The Queens Library Adult Learner Program has seven Adult Learning Centers and about 50 English classes each semester to serve the borough. The program serves over six thousand customers annually.

Multilingual Services

Resource guides, as well as information on language collections and services.

Older Adults

The Special Services division of Queens Library presents programs on issues related to aging, and offers resources on elder law, Alzheimer’s disease, and health care.

People with Disabilities

The Queens Library offers outreach services to help people with disabilities.

Veterans Information

These websites and books offer helpful information to veterans.