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Guinness World Records,


LocationItem TypeCall Numbersort iconIssueBarcodeStatusRequests
WhitestoneAdult Hard Cover031 G20090228512647261Available
WoodsideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340333Available
WoodhavenJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340366Available
East FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340291Due 11-9-2016
SeasideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340283Available
BelleroseJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340358Due 10-29-2016
Windsor ParkJuvenile Reference032 G20160228583340374AvailableNon Circulating
SunnysideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340135Due 11-3-2016
South JamaicaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340150Due 11-10-2016
South HollisJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340168Available
South Ozone ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340143Available
SteinwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340341Available
HillcrestJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340275Available
WhitestoneJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340127Due 11-4-2016
North Forest ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340325Available
BaysideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391658Due 10-22-2016
LeffertsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391682Due 11-8-2016
BroadwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391666Available
Far RockawayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391674Due 11-4-2016
Forest HillsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391625Due 11-9-2016
Windsor ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583401820Due 11-7-2016
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340531Available
Broad ChannelJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340408Available
St.AlbansJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340184Available
Queens Village MABAdult Hard Cover032 G20160228583340382Available
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340556Available
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340549Available
BookmobileJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340317Due 10-31-2016
Rochdale VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340267Available
BriarwoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228580885819Due 10-20-2016
Rego ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228558909583Available
Central Adult Non-FictionAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228574791338Available
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228558939119Available
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228558939127Available
Rego ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228558909591Available
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228572432497Available
BaysideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228572432836Available
FlushingAdult Reference032 G20150228572421383AvailableNon Circulating
SunnysideAdult Reference032 G20150228566573827AvailableNon Circulating
RidgewoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228566352156Due 10-14-2016
Ridgewood - Young AdultAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228566352164Available
Richmond HillJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228566073034Due 10-26-2016
Richmond HillJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228566073208Available
North HillsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340200Available
Mitchell-LindenJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340192Available
PeninsulaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340259Available
PoppenhusenJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340234Available
Fresh MeadowsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391633Due 11-3-2016
PeninsulaAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228576855347Available
North HillsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228505443223Due 10-26-2016
HillcrestJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228563752457Due 11-5-2016
SteinwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20120228436484817Available
Long Island CityJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228558922370Available
North HillsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228580739198Available
AstoriaAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228581292064Available
RosedaleJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583340176Available
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391609Available
RidgewoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228580103593Available
HollisJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228573214175Due 11-8-2016
SteinwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581183461Available
PomonokJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579130128Due 11-9-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581021091Due 11-7-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228548778007Available
North Forest ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150118495842577Due 10-25-2016
CoronaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579190411Due 11-9-2016
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581117675Due 11-5-2016
Rego ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228580617394Due 10-26-2016
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581117683Available
BriarwoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228580628490Due 11-10-2016
WhitestoneAdult Hard Cover032 G20160228573224828Available
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581021075Due 10-27-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581021059Available
LeffertsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228577194092Due 11-1-2016
HillcrestAdult Hard Cover032 G20160228563683611Due 10-28-2016
BelleroseAdult Hard Cover032 G20130228517205263Available
BelleroseJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20110228517205040Available
BelleroseJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20150228467287253Available
BroadwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228578657998Due 10-26-2016
BroadwayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228578657980Due 10-25-2016
SeasideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581486864Due 11-1-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581021067Due 10-27-2016
Cambria HeightsAdult Hard Cover032 G20160228581545958Available
BaysideAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228569270280Due 11-5-2016
Fresh MeadowsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228581563878Due 11-10-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228548658472Due 11-2-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228548658233Available
East ElmhurstJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391534Available
DouglastonJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391518Available
Glen OaksJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391559Due 11-7-2016
GlendaleJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391567Available
HollisJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391427Available
CoronaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391526Due 11-4-2016
BriarwoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391492Due 10-20-2016
Rego ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391591Due 10-29-2016
LaureltonJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391617Due 9-30-2016
ArverneJuvenile Reference032 G20160228583391450AvailableNon Circulating
AstoriaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391468Available
Baisley ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391484Due 11-3-2016
Howard BeachJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391435Due 11-10-2016
MaspethJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391401Due 11-8-2016
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228572516539Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228572514310Available
BriarwoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579831220Due 11-2-2016
Glen OaksJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228580004064Due 11-9-2016
Middle VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228550550922Available
AuburndaleAdult Hard Cover032 G20120228530964607Available
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228573205231Available
MaspethJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579830305Available
Middle VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228583391419Due 10-29-2016
BaysideJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579830016Due 11-2-2016
Howard BeachJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228579830156Due 11-3-2016
FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20160228573205223Due 11-8-2016
Mitchell-LindenAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228566050776Due 10-25-2016
Mitchell-LindenAdult Hard Cover032 G20150228566050784Available
Jackson HeightsAdult Reference032 G20100228556822747AvailableNon Circulating
Richmond HillAdult Reference032 G20100228537673599AvailableNon Circulating
Rego ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G0228556822796Available
North Forest ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20100228553421576Available
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228553421584Available
FlushingJuvenile Reference032 G20090228543131863AvailableNon Circulating
Langston HughesAdult Hard Cover032 G0228522686853Available
Bay TerraceAdult Hard Cover032 G2005/50th0228467846942Available
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G0228402608795Available
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 GVOL.20070228499455654Available
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20080228509840796Available
South Ozone ParkJuvenile Reference032 G20100228553512606AvailableNon Circulating
CoronaAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228553512622Available
Jackson HeightsAdult Reference032 G20110228545855543AvailableNon Circulating
Lefrak CityAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228534135576Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552315209Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552315191Available
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Reference032 G20140228548689998AvailableNon Circulating
Rego ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228553434199Available
South JamaicaAdult Reference032 G0228553441954AvailableNon Circulating
Lefrak CityAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228533374143Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228541506488Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20100228541506223Available
East FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228492988123Available
RosedaleAdult Hard Cover032 G20080228502958561Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Reference032 G20020228433784540AvailableNon Circulating
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Trade Paperback032 G0228442160567Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G0228442058589Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G0228416468723Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20050228405194702Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Trade Paperback032 G0228442160542Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Trade Paperback032 G20020228443600926Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterAdult Hard Cover032 G0228522561841Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Reference032 G0228400863921AvailableNon Circulating
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G0228416990999Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Reference032 G20010228415301552AvailableNon Circulating
Central Lib Current CollectionAdult Hard Cover032 G0228416493465Available
LeffertsAdult Trade Paperback032 G20030228446675925Available
CoronaAdult Hard Cover032 G0228490352520Available
HollisAdult Reference032 G0228491471568AvailableNon Circulating
Lefrak CityAdult Hard Cover032 G0228432566765Available
Lefrak CityAdult Hard Cover032 G20060228478741710Available
CoronaAdult Hard Cover032 G0228490352512Available
Cambria HeightsAdult Reference032 G0228459774441AvailableNon Circulating
LeffertsAdult Hard Cover032 G0228431075446Available
LeffertsAdult Reference032 G0228434735251AvailableNon Circulating
Far RockawayJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228450533739Available
BriarwoodAdult Hard Cover032 G0228477380486Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552315076Available
Rego ParkJuvenile Reference032 GR J 032 G0228545898329AvailableNon Circulating
Central Library Teen SpaceAdult Hard Cover032 G20130228508571830Available
Rochdale VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228558657851Available
Long Island CityJuvenile Hard Cover032 G2013 ed.0228561292134Available
CoronaJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228558627532Available
Central Adult Non-FictionAdult Hard Cover032 G20140228556701107Available
Central Adult Non-FictionAdult Hard Cover032 G0228563520680Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552315068Available
AuburndaleJuvenile Reference032 G20130228563551487AvailableNon Circulating
ArverneJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228536808717Available
Middle VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228561651578Available
LeffertsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561640753Available
Central Adult Non-FictionAdult Hard Cover032 G20140228546860245Available
Howard BeachAdult Hard Cover032 G20140228546860419Available
Fresh MeadowsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228573719611Due 10-24-2016
Long Island City - Young AdultAdult Hard Cover032 G20140228562898061Available
East FlushingJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228557274070Available
Mitchell-LindenAdult Hard Cover032 G20140228572057336Due 10-25-2016
St.AlbansJuvenile Reference032 G20140228573719892AvailableNon Circulating
WhitestoneAdult Hard Cover032 G0228540711063Available
Middle VillageJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228546860773Due 10-28-2016
WhitestoneJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228540673339Available
BriarwoodJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228560798131Due 10-28-2016
Jackson HeightsJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20140228560993013Available
North HillsJuvenile Reference032 G20130228561588424AvailableNon Circulating
Rego ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20130228561506640Available
RosedaleAdult Hard Cover032 G20120228559498578Available
WoodsideJuvenile Reference032 G20130228565239305AvailableNon Circulating
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20120228559498602Available
LeffertsAdult Hard Cover032 G0228539121977Available
Jackson HeightsAdult Reference032 G20120228488529626AvailableNon Circulating
WhitestoneAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228546945004Available
East ElmhurstAdult Hard Cover032 G0228548490371Available
Central Adult Non-Fic- Ask at DeskAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552367572Available
WoodhavenJuvenile Reference032 G0228552412519AvailableNon Circulating
WhitestoneAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228552641810Due 11-4-2016
Central Library Teen SpaceAdult Hard Cover032 G20110228554984465Available
Richmond HillJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228488532323Available
Fresh MeadowsAdult Hard Cover032 G20120228559445439Available
RosedaleJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561586063Available
North Forest ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561585255Available
Windsor ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561585347Available
Childrens Library Discovery CenterJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20120228563138939Available
Rego ParkJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561585230Available
North Forest ParkAdult Hard Cover032 G20130228552011345Available
Central Adult Non-FictionAdult Reference032 G20120228563290771AvailableNon Circulating
Mitchell-LindenJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228561585339Available
Richmond HillJuvenile Hard Cover032 G20130228554589587Available
Howard BeachJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561585271Available
Howard BeachJuvenile Hard Cover032 G0228561585321Available
GlendaleJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228574814601Available
East FlushingAdult Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228582922529Due 11-9-2016
Glen OaksJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20140228567884702Available
East FlushingAdult Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228582922537Available
Glen OaksJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20140228567884694Available
DouglastonJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20160228581213151Due 11-5-2016
WoodsideJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G0228489617305Available
BelleroseJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20160228581306658Due 11-7-2016
PeninsulaJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228575955098Due 11-3-2016
Middle VillageJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228550552175Available
East FlushingJuvenile Hard CoverJ 032 G20150228582922545Available
Glen OaksJuvenile ReferenceR J 032 G0228573719629AvailableNon Circulating

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$a Guinness world records.
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$a v. : $b ill. (some col. ; $c 31 cm.
$a Annual
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$a Vol. for 2000 called also: Millennium edition.
$a Issued in numerous other editions.
$a Latest issue consulted: 2015.
$a J Aug15
$a Curiosities and wonders.
$a World records.
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