Queens Library, Broad Channel. Image courtesy of Insite Design Studio.

Queens Library, Broad Channel. Image courtesy of Insite Design Studio.


The project staff gratefully acknowledges the contributions and support of many groups and individuals, without whom this project would not have been possible:  The Mayor’s Fund; the Queens Library JBA staff; Brandon Jeffries of Far Rockaway Teen Library and Staff; Sharon Anderson, Community Library Manager, and staff of Far Rockaway Community Library; Nicole Gordon, Community Library Manager, and staff of Arverne Community Library; Matthew Allison, Community Library Manager, and staff of Peninsula Community Library; Kacper Jarecki, Community Library Manager, and staff of Seaside Community Library; Carol Scheper, Community Library Manager, and staff of Broad Channel Community Library; Elizabeth Garcia, Community Library Manager, and staff of Howard Beach Community Library; Blue Steel Investigations and Paul Rotatori; Vincent Sgaglione, Christopher Carvey, Tom Bubser, and Joanne King; Elana Duffy and Denean Ferguson; Klaus Jacob; Uma’s; The Rangers of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center; Stacy Asher, Philip Labo and Ford Sypher; Kevin Alexander, Dan Brown, Jeanne DuPont, Enid Glabman, Phil Goldfeder, Clare Hilger, Jeremy Jones, Sal Lopizzo, Don Riepe, Steve Stathis, Robert Schwach and Rebekkah Thompson; all the survey respondents; and everyone who is creating resilience in our communities every day.


Project Team

Ofelia Mangen Sypher
Researcher, Curator & Designer
Tara Lannen-Stanton
Assistant Director, Job & Business Academy
Shakira Smalls
Job & Business Academy Manager, Rockaways


Suggested reference

Mangen Sypher, O. (Ed.). (2014). Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Resource Guide. Queens, NY: Queens Library.

Creative Commons License
Emergency Preparedness & Resilience Resource Guide by Queens Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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