Emergency Preparedness & Resilience Resource Guide

This resource guide has been created to serve the communities of Broad Channel, Howard Beach, and the Rockaways though the information it contains might also be useful to other neighborhoods in New York City as well as coastal communities elsewhere. The intent is for it to serve as a springboard of information that will lead you to additional resources for creating resilience and preparing for emergencies in your home and your community.

The resource guide is based upon research about these communities; their susceptibility to emergencies
(particularly those related to extreme weather events); and their capacities for creating resilience. This research, conducted during 2014, included a community survey, interviews with local community groups and leaders, a related workshop series, and direct feedback from these communities about the design of this resource guide.

This guide is a curation of existing resources, research and other relevant materials and has been
designed to support emergency preparedness and resilience efforts in Broad Channel, Howard Beach and the Rockaways. You, the reader, are strongly encouraged to share any additional resources you find informative or useful with others in your community.

Rockaways, 2012. Image courtesy of Sam Horine.

Rockaways, 2012. Image courtesy of Sam Horine.