Small Business Tools

The Small Business Center is collection of over 1,400 circulating and reference books that cover the many categories of business start-ups. The collection's books range from general small business start-up information for all types of businesses to specific categories like starting a gift basket business or restaurant.

These books have call numbers that start with [SBC] and are located in the Small Business Center Area.

General Resources

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) of New York - The BBB provides information on the reputation of businesses and charities, helps resolve disputes between consumers and businesses, and educates the public on consumer issues.
  • New York State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - The SBDC offers counseling and training for those who already own a small business or are starting a small business. There are 23 regional centers, including one in Jamaica and one in Long Island City.
  • United States Small Business Administration (SBA) - SBA’s website contains a Small Business Planner; information on financial assistance, grants, and training opportunities, including free online courses; and local resources.
  • A World of Opportunity - This report from the Center for an Urban Future (in PDF format) shows that immigrant entrepreneurs are key engines of growth in cities from New York to Los Angeles, and could provide an even bigger economic boost in the future.

New York City Resources

  • Consumer Issues FAQ - New Yorkers can find out how to stop telemarketers' calls, how to save money on utilities, and how to protect themselves from fraud, among other topics covered here.
  • New York Business Development Corporation - NYBDC offers loans to small businesses, assists partner banks in making these loans, and offers credit opportunities to minority-owned and women-owned businesses that might otherwise not have access to credit.
  • NYC Business Express - NYC Business Express is a one-stop website that makes starting, operating, and expanding a business in New York City clearer, faster, and simpler and offers business owners and entrepreneurs the information they need to open and operate a business as well as the opportunity to apply for permits, licenses and certifications and to check violation statuses online.
  • New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) - NYCEDC fosters economic growth in New York City through development projects in neighborhoods including Flushing, Long Island City, and Willets Point.
  • NYC Small Business Resource Center - This site contains a service directory, industry directories, links to business forms, videos and podcasts, how-to articles, and listings of events for small businesses.
  • SCORE NYC Small Business Services - SCORE provides free small business counseling and training at eight locations in Manhattan and the Bronx. E-mail counseling is available for those who are unable to travel to their office locations.

Queens Resources