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As members of the Treehouse community, students can learn to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, build web apps with Ruby on Rails and PHP, learn about user experience, how to start a business, and much more.

Through 1000+ video tutorials, quizzes, and code challenges created by expert teachers, students can learn to code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and SQL.

To start learning with Treehouse, the only software and hardware requirements are a web browser and an Internet connection. With a free account from Queens Library, students can then log into the Treehouse app, where all content is accessible via the Treehouse library. Within the library, video tutorials, quizzes and code challenges are organized into courses by topic. As students embark on a project, their progress is then saved in a comprehensive dashboard, which records an active student's progress and provides them with a personalized overview of what they’re working on.

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