Correctional Outreach

Correctional Outreach offers a multitude of programs and services for the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and their families. We provide assistance with completing library card applications, information about library programs such as Job & Business Academy workshops and New American Program classes, and access to the newly introduced Queens Library Reentry Resource Guide that contains valuable information for formerly incarcerated customers. We also provide expedited access to job skills trainings such as the OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 certification classes, and much more. We host Video Visitation sessions from three Queens Library locations for families with incarcerated loved ones at Rikers Island Correctional Facility. Queens Library also provides a rolling library service three days a week at two facilities inside of Rikers Island and a veterans unit.

Inside of Rikers Island Correctional Facility

Video Visitation Program:

Video Visitation is a service funded by the City of New York with the City's three library systems to provide free live video conferencing for families who wish to visit with their incarcerated loved ones at one of 23 public library branches across the five boroughs. Queens Library has three sites for the program:  Central, Far Rockaway, and Long Island City. All video visits are free, one-hour sessions in semi-private rooms within these select community libraries. Each visit is set up to meet the needs of the family. We provide books, toys, and other resources to make each visit as comfortable and successful as possible. To make an appointment, a family may call (718) 990-5104 and speak with the correctional outreach services assistant.

Rolling Library Service:

Rolling library service takes place three days a week at the OBCC and AMKC facilities and a veterans unit. Customers are allowed to borrow books from our collection, which is handcrafted by our correctional librarian. Approximately 3,000 books are checked out by over 2,000 incarcerated customers per year. This vital service provides customers who would otherwise have limited access to reading materials with a wide range of books, periodicals, and manuals. Queens Library also answers reference questions and provides referrals to library services.

Reentry Services

See You on the Outside at Queensboro Correctional Facility

At Queensboro Correctional Facility, which serves as a reentry center for inmates with less than six months left to their sentence, we have our ‘See You on the Outside’ program. ‘See You on the Outside’ provides customers with the opportunity to complete a resume workshop and connect with a case manager that can provide resources for housing, healthcare, education, and more. Services for this program extend beyond an inmate’s time incarcerated; as customers are released, they are encouraged to visit the Queens Library to sign up for a library card, receive a flash drive containing their completed resume, receive a QL reentry resource guide, and take advantage of other library services available to them.

Queens County Reentry Taskforce

Queens Library has recently officially joined the Queens County Reentry Task Force, which consist of various organizations in the borough of Queens that provide services that are beneficial to formerly incarcerated people. More information about the Queens County Reentry Taskforce can be found here.

NYC Department of Parole & Probation

At the end of each month, there is an orientation held at both the Department of Parole and the Department of Probation offices. At these orientation sessions, the Queens Library provides information on workshops, trainings, library card applications, and many other library services. Customers can also sign up for upcoming certification classes on the spot, and are only required to complete a resume workshop beforehand.