Bright lines : a novel / Tanwi Nandini Islam.

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Short-listed for the 2015 Center for Fiction First Novel Prize

For as long as she can remember, Ella has longed to feel at home. Orphaned as a child after her parents' murder, and afflicted with hallucinations at dusk, she's always felt more at ease in nature than with people. She traveled from Bangladesh to Brooklyn to live with the Saleems: her uncle Anwar, aunt Hashi, and their beautiful daughter, Charu, her complete opposite. One summer, when Ella returns home from college, she discovers Charu's friend Maya - an Islamic cleric's runaway daughter - asleep in her bedroom.

As the girls have a summer of clandestine adventure and sexual awakenings, Anwar - owner of a popular botanical apothecary - has his own secrets, threatening his thirty-year marriage. But when tragedy strikes, the Saleems find themselves blamed. To keep his family from unraveling, Anwar takes them on a fated trip to Bangladesh, to reckon with the past, their extended family, and each other.

'A Brooklyn-by-way-of-Bangladesh Royal Tenenbaums . A pot-tinged, PTSD Muslim Sesame Street . With sex. Hallucinations, hijabs and handlebars on the always-busy Atlantic Avenue. The New York sense of place in Bright Lines rivals the recent memory of Teju Cole's Open City .' The Denver Post

'Tanwi Nandini Islam makes waves with her debut novel, which traverses from Bangladesh to Brooklyn exploring the secrets of three young women.' Time Magazine

'The miracles in Bright Lines are the understated moments of family telepathy . . . An understated queer coming-of-age, a study of how much work it is to be a family, and a snapshot of a disappearing Brooklyn, set against the ghosts of the past, and a search for home.' NPR.org

'A family, blended in unexpectedly compassionate ways, takes you on a tour of Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue, Bangladesh, and all the ways we make our lives more complicated than they ever had to be. For many of Islam's well-crafted characters, home is a place they've never actually been, but somehow dream to return to someday.' Ashley Ford, Elle.com

'Vivid and captivating . . . Spell-binding and a page turner . . . Bright Lines takes place in a Brooklyn that shimmers like a mirage - at once vivid and surreal . . . A very promising debut that explores family, love, loss, and the painful process of growing up in a way that is both timeless and modern.' Emma Cueto, Bustle

'Tanwi Nandini Islam has given Zadie Smith's White Teeth an American cousin where the characters of Bangladeshi origin are situated in America (Brooklyn to be exact) and not London. It's a story of immigrants and their children, family secrets, and feeling like a stranger in a place you're told is home. It's a damn fine first book - easily one of the best debuts of the year.' Jason Diamond, Electric Literature


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Forest HillsFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579270635Due 7-23-2019
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Long Island CityFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578902162Available
Long Island CityFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578902170Available
McGoldrickFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579274546Available
Middle VillageFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273506Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228583328650Available
North Forest ParkFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578902386Available
North Forest ParkFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579274751Available
Ozone ParkFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578897867Available
PomonokFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273704Available
PoppenhusenFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273761Available
Queens VillageFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579271492Available
Queens Village MABFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579264067Available
Queensboro Hill - Young AdultFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578902378Available
Queensboro Hill - Young AdultFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578902196Available
Richmond HillFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273753Available
RosedaleFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273316Available
RosedaleFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578897917Available
SeasideFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579274876Available
South JamaicaFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578897990Available
South JamaicaFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228578898006Due 7-22-2019
South JamaicaFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273241Available
South JamaicaFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273258Available
South JamaicaFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579274975Available
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St.AlbansFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273464Available
St.AlbansFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228579273472Available
WhitestoneFIC IslamAdult Trade Paperback0228577297747Available
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