The Heist / Daniel Silva.

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The Heist


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Summary/Annotation ->  A fallen spy A missing masterpiece A daring mission The Heist Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is in Venice repairing an altarpiece by Veronese when he receives an urgent summons from the Italian police. The eccentric London art dealer Julian Isherwood has stumbled upon a chilling murder scene in Lake Como, and is being held as a suspect. To save his friend, Gabriel must track down the real killers and then perform one simple task: find the most famous missing painting in the world. Sometimes the best way to find a stolen masterpiece is to steal another one. . . . The dead man is a fallen British spy with a secret: he has been trafficking in stolen artworks and selling them to a mysterious collector. Among those paintings is the world's most iconic missing masterpiece: Caravaggio's glorious Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence. Gabriel embarks on a daring gambit to recover the Caravaggio and learn the identity of the collector. His search will take him on an exhilarating hunt; from the shimmering boulevards of Paris and London to the gritty criminal underworlds of Marseilles and Corsica, and finally to a small private bank in Austria where a dangerous man stands guard over the ill-gotten wealth of a brutal dictator. At his side is a brave young woman who survived one of the worst massacres of the twentieth century. Now, with Gabriel's help, she will be given a chance to strike a blow against a dynasty that destroyed her family. Elegant, sophisticated, and entertaining, The Heist is a must-read thriller; a page-turning tale of intrigue that demonstrates once again why Daniel Silva is called a world-class practitioner of spy fiction; (Washington Post).


Locationsort iconCall NumberItem TypeVolumeBarcodeStatus
ArverneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566048549Available
AstoriaFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248826Available
AuburndaleFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248834Available
AuburndaleFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248693Available
Bay TerraceFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249188Due 5-12-2015
Bay TerraceFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572562665Due 5-19-2015
Bay TerraceFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519495334Due 5-26-2015
Bay TerraceFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249113Due 5-15-2015
BaysideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328065Available
BaysideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328115Due 4-16-2015
BelleroseFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249089Available
BelleroseFIC SilvaBestseller0228566249105Available
BriarwoodFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248792Available
BriarwoodFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248651Due 4-23-2015
BroadwayFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328123Available
BroadwayFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328131Available
Cambria HeightsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248529Due 5-23-2015
Central Adult FictionFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566344781Available
Central Adult FictionFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566344427Due 5-13-2015
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228561546240Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495128Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519484478Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519496076Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495045Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519496043Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519496407Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519496183Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519484486Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519494972Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519484445Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495029Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495011Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495185Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519495193Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC SilvaAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519496258Available
CoronaFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248511Due 5-26-2015
Court SquareFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249196Available
Court SquareFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228568791799Available
DouglastonFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228497290186Available
DouglastonFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248800Available
DouglastonFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248578Available
East ElmhurstFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248859Available
East FlushingFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249097Available
East FlushingFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519495136Available
ElmhurstFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249006Available
Far RockawayFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327927Due 5-14-2015
Far RockawayFIC SilvaBestseller0228566327935Available
FlushingFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327943Due 5-27-2015
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566257462Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566360563Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaBestseller0228566360522Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566257413Due 5-23-2015
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566360571Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566257447Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328156Due 5-26-2015
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328149Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566360555Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228561281343Available
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566257454Due 5-26-2015
Forest HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566360548Due 5-11-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328172Due 5-9-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328164Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228573597017Due 5-18-2015
Glen OaksFIC SilvaBestseller0228566242746Due 5-8-2015
Glen OaksFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248412Available
Glen OaksFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248420Available
GlendaleFIC SilvaBestseller0228566248487Available
HillcrestFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249121Due 5-22-2015
HillcrestFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228527893959Due 5-27-2015
HillcrestFIC SilvaBestseller0228563643409Due 5-7-2015
HollisFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248479Available
Howard BeachFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519496068Available
Howard BeachFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248453Available
Jackson HeightsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327976Available
Jackson HeightsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328206Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC SilvaBestseller0228566248842Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC SilvaBestseller0228566248818Due 5-13-2015
Langston HughesFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249162Available
LaureltonFIC SilvaBestseller0228566327984Due 4-29-2015
LeffertsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328107Available
LeffertsFIC SilvaBestseller0228566328073Available
Lefrak CityFIC SilvaBestseller0228566248461Available
Long Island CityFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249220Available
MaspethFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248495Available
MaspethFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248503Due 5-11-2015
McGoldrickFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248446Available
Middle VillageFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248560Due 5-27-2015
Middle VillageFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519495003Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248586Available
North Forest ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249154Due 5-8-2015
North Forest ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249147Due 5-14-2015
North Forest ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228574791841Due 5-22-2015
North HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248594Due 5-26-2015
North HillsFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519496050Due 5-15-2015
Ozone ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248537Available
Ozone ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248602Available
PeninsulaFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572420799Available
PomonokFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249022Available
PomonokFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228519495144Due 5-22-2015
PoppenhusenFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249014Available
Queens VillageFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327968Available
Queens VillageFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327950Due 5-19-2015
Queens Village MABFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572581715Available
Queens Village MABFIC Silva21 Day Non-Requestable0228566249170Due 6-15-2015
Queens Village MABFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572581830Due 6-8-2015
Queens Village MABFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572581855Due 6-8-2015
Queensboro HillFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249204Available
Queensboro HillFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249212Available
Rego ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566328180Due 5-13-2015
Richmond HillFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248768Available
Richmond HillFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248750Due 5-26-2015
RidgewoodFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248776Available
RidgewoodFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248784Available
Rochdale VillageFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248743Available
RosedaleFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249030Available
SeasideFIC SilvaBestseller0228566352610Available
South HollisFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248677Available
South JamaicaFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248644Available
South Ozone ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248735Available
St.AlbansFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248685Due 5-26-2015
SteinwayFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248719Available
SunnysideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248545Available
SunnysideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248636Available
WhitestoneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228540731855Due 5-11-2015
WhitestoneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228540798003Due 5-12-2015
WhitestoneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248701Due 5-12-2015
WhitestoneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228572586797Available
WhitestoneFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248552Available
Windsor ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228515177431In Transit
Windsor ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249048Due 5-15-2015
Windsor ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566327992Due 5-6-2015
Windsor ParkFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249071Available
WoodhavenFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566249055Available
WoodsideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248628Available
WoodsideFIC SilvaAdult Hard Cover0228566248610Due 5-16-2015

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00737nam a22002537i 4500
140520s2014 xxu g 000 1 eng d
$a 9780062320056 (hardcover) : $c $28.00
$y 201405201006 $z mkhan
$a ZQP $b eng $e rda $c ZQP
$a FIC Silva
$a Silva, Daniel, $e author.
$a The Heist / $c Daniel Silva.
$b HarperCollins, $c 2014.
$a pages ; $c cm.
$a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
$a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier
$a A Jun14-CP
$a VTLSSORT0080 0200 0400 0990 1000 2450 2640 3000 3360 3370 3380 5990 9950 9992