The Target / David Baldacci.

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The Target

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"The next blockbuster thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci, featuring assassin Will Robie"--

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Summary/Annotation ->  The President knows it's a perilous, high-risk assignment. If he gives the order, he has the opportunity to take down a global menace, once and for all. If the mission fails, he would face certain impeachment, and the threats against the nation would multiply. So the president turns to the one team that can pull off the impossible: Will Robie and his partner, Jessica Reel. Together, Robie and Reel's talents as assassins are unmatched. But there are some in power who don't trust the pair. They doubt their willingness to follow orders. And they will do anything to see that the two assassins succeed, but that they do not survive. As they prepare for their mission, Reel faces a personal crisis that could well lead old enemies right to her doorstep, resurrecting the ghosts of her earlier life and bringing stark danger to all those close to her. And all the while, Robie and Reel are stalked by a new adversary: an unknown and unlikely assassin, a woman who has trained her entire life to kill, and who has her own list of targets--a list that includes Will Robie and Jessica Reel.


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ArverneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562751245Available
AstoriaFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750080Available
AuburndaleFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750106Due 5-27-2015
AuburndaleFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750098Available
Baisley ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750072Available
Bay TerraceFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221518Available
Bay TerraceFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221526Due 6-18-2015
BaysideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750114Available
BaysideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750023Available
BelleroseFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221492Due 6-8-2015
BelleroseFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221534Available
BriarwoodFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750064Due 6-18-2015
BriarwoodFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228558846959Available
BriarwoodFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750049Available
Broad ChannelFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228567895922Available
BroadwayFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750056Due 6-16-2015
BroadwayFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458332Due 6-6-2015
Cambria HeightsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458357Available
Cambria HeightsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750189Available
Central Adult FictionFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746203In Transit
Central Adult FictionFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562839131Due 6-12-2015
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562839727Available
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562839065Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562839750Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562839792Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562839545Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC BaldacciAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519458530Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC BaldacciAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519458381Available
CoronaFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750171Available
Court SquareFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228580898382Available
Court SquareFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228568784281Available
DouglastonFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750015Due 6-11-2015
DouglastonFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750205Available
East ElmhurstFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519491531Available
East ElmhurstFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750148Available
East FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562775624Available
East FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221633Available
ElmhurstFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519491556Available
ElmhurstFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750122Available
Far RockawayFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750163Due 6-16-2015
Far RockawayFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562750262Due 5-29-2015
FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573644231Due 6-10-2015
FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750155Available
FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228574452675Due 6-16-2015
FlushingFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228574452303Due 6-5-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566087000Due 6-15-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566085947Due 6-17-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750270Available
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228558848799Due 5-30-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566085954Due 6-17-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Trade Paperback0228558848781Due 6-8-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566085921Available
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750213Due 6-18-2015
Forest HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566086994Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573461362In Transit
Fresh MeadowsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573476139Due 6-16-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750221On Hold
Fresh MeadowsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750247In Transit
Glen OaksFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566015506Available
Glen OaksFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750254Due 6-8-2015
Glen OaksFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750239Available
GlendaleFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562750346Available
GlendaleFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228546249191Available
HillcrestFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221542Due 5-26-2015
HillcrestFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221583Due 6-2-2015
HillcrestFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228563640900Due 6-11-2015
HollisFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458522Available
HollisFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750361Available
Howard BeachFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458779Available
Howard BeachFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228555495107Available
Jackson HeightsFIC BaldacciAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519458464Available
Jackson HeightsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750304Due 6-17-2015
Jackson HeightsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750288Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458423Due 6-18-2015
Kew Gardens HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750312Due 6-16-2015
Kew Gardens HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750320Due 6-8-2015
Langston HughesFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221609Available
LaureltonFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750338Available
LeffertsFIC BaldacciBestseller0228562746088Available
LeffertsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746096Available
Lefrak CityFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750296Available
Long Island CityFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221740Available
MaspethFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750379Due 6-9-2015
MaspethFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228539372836Due 6-9-2015
MaspethFIC BaldacciBestseller0228539372695Available
MaspethFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746062Available
McGoldrickFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566027758Available
Middle VillageFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458449Available
Middle VillageFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746070Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562750403Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458761Due 6-16-2015
North Forest ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221617Due 6-9-2015
North Forest ParkFIC BaldacciBestseller0228566221641Available
North HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746161Due 6-10-2015
North HillsFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458431Available
Ozone ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746120Available
Ozone ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228568413162Available
PomonokFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228519458407Available
PomonokFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746112Available
PoppenhusenFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746146Available
Queens VillageFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746138Available
Queens VillageFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746104Available
Queens Village MABFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573443246Due 6-1-2015
Queens Village MABFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573443352Available
Queens Village MABFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228573443261Due 6-8-2015
Queens Village MABFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221716Due 6-8-2015
Queensboro HillFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221591Due 6-5-2015
Rego ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746195Available
Richmond HillFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746021Available
Richmond HillFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746153Available
RidgewoodFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746179Available
RidgewoodFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746013Due 6-8-2015
Rochdale VillageFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746039Available
RosedaleFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562746054Due 6-18-2015
SeasideFIC BaldacciBestseller0228566004583Available
SeasideFIC BaldacciBestseller0228566004609Available
SeasideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566004625Available
SeasideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566487978Available
SeasideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566004591Due 6-16-2015
SeasideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566487986Available
SeasideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566004633Available
South HollisFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221476Available
South JamaicaFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221450Available
South Ozone ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221757Available
St.AlbansFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221435Available
SteinwayFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221468Available
SteinwayFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221419Available
SunnysideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566086952Due 6-9-2015
SunnysideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221443Due 6-17-2015
SunnysideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566086937Available
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228572215751Available
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221773Due 6-18-2015
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228572215777Available
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228572215827Available
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221765Due 6-17-2015
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228572215819Available
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228540785745Due 6-10-2015
WhitestoneFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228540786891Available
Windsor ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221575On Hold
Windsor ParkFIC BaldacciBestseller0228566221732Due 5-29-2015
Windsor ParkFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566385958Due 6-1-2015
WoodhavenFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228566221559Available
WoodsideFIC BaldacciAdult Hard Cover0228562751138Due 6-16-2015

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140213s2014 nyu 000 1 eng
$a 2013-050790
$a 9781455521203 (hardcover) : $c $28.00
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$a 9781455521180 (paperback) : $c $16.00
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$a 1404
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$a pages ; $c cm.
$a text $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $2 rdamedia
$a volume $2 rdacarrier
$a Will Robie ; $v 3
$a "The next blockbuster thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci, featuring assassin Will Robie"-- $c Provided by publisher.
$a A Mar14-CP
$a Assassins $v Fiction.
$a FICTION / Thrillers. $2 bisacsh
$a Suspense fiction. $2 gsafd
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