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FIC Patterson
Runaways Axi, sixteen, and Robinson, seventeen, who met on a cancer ward, leave small-town Oregon on a cross-country trip to experience the best of life before it is too late.


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ArverneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562582228Available
ArverneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562582210In Transit Requested
AstoriaFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985462Available
AuburndaleFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985470Available
AuburndaleFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985421Available
Baisley ParkFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990413Available
Bay TerraceFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985587Due 4-21-2014
Bay TerraceFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985595Available
BaysideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985439Available
BaysideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985447Available
BookmobileFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990967In Transit
BriarwoodFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985579Available
BriarwoodFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985561Due 5-3-2014
Broad ChannelFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228573499792Due 5-5-2014
Broad ChannelFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228573499776On Hold
BroadwayFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990421Available
BroadwayFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985603Available
Cambria HeightsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985520Available
Cambria HeightsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985512Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101947Due 4-28-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562633120Due 4-28-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562633112Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101962Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562633138Due 4-16-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562633153Due 4-29-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990991Due 4-25-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991007Due 4-22-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228562633146In Transit
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101657Due 4-28-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101954Due 4-25-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561102176Due 4-24-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101673Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561101665Due 3-27-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561102184Due 4-15-2014
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228568387044Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561102192Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC PattersonBestseller0228561102200Shelving
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489295Due 4-24-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519456104In Transit Requested
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489246In Transit
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489212Due 4-23-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519456096In Transit
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489238In Transit
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489220Shelving
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489287Due 4-29-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519455957Due 4-23-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489261In Transit
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519456120Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519455940Due 4-28-2014
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519456112Shelving
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519455965Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489279In Transit
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489303Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC PattersonAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519489253Due 4-21-2014
Central Library Teen SpaceFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228568399957Due 4-29-2014
Central Library Teen SpaceFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228568399924In Transit Requested
CoronaFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985553Available
DouglastonFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985546Due 4-25-2014
DouglastonFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228497256971Due 5-14-2014
DouglastonFIC PattersonBestseller0228562985496Available
Douglaston - Young AdultFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562926490Available
East ElmhurstFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990553Available
East FlushingFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990546Available
ElmhurstFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562985538In Transit
Far RockawayFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990512Due 4-23-2014
Far RockawayFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990504Due 4-25-2014
FlushingFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990520Due 4-30-2014
FlushingFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990538Due 4-28-2014
Forest HillsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562993136Due 5-8-2014
Forest HillsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562993128Due 5-1-2014
Forest HillsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990496Due 5-5-2014
Forest HillsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990488Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990462Due 5-8-2014
Fresh MeadowsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990470Due 4-29-2014
Glen OaksFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990454Due 4-23-2014
Glen Oaks - Young AdultFIC PattersonBestseller0228560832765Due 4-25-2014
GlendaleFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990439Due 4-23-2014
HillcrestFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990629Available
HillcrestFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990447Due 4-28-2014
HollisFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990603Available
Howard BeachFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990611Available
Jackson HeightsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990595Due 5-6-2014
Jackson HeightsFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990587Due 5-14-2014
Kew Gardens HillsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990561Due 4-25-2014
Kew Gardens HillsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990579Due 4-29-2014
Langston HughesFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990777In Transit
LaureltonFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990769Due 5-7-2014
LeffertsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990736Due 4-28-2014
LeffertsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990744Available
Lefrak CityFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990751Available
Lefrak CityFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991122Available
Lefrak CityFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991114Available
Lefrak CityFIC PattersonBestseller0228561033512Available
Long Island CityFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562991015Available
MaspethFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990710Due 4-23-2014
MaspethFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990728Due 5-12-2014
McGoldrickFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990694In Transit
McGoldrickFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228560873843Due 4-28-2014
McGoldrickFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990686Available
Middle VillageFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990660Due 5-9-2014
Mitchell-LindenFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990678Due 5-7-2014
North Forest ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228573437503Due 4-18-2014
North Forest ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990645Due 4-22-2014
North Forest ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990652In Transit
North Forest ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228573437495Due 4-24-2014
North Forest ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562588118Available
North HillsFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990637Available
Ozone ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990884Available
Ozone ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990702Available
PomonokFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990876Due 4-30-2014
PoppenhusenFIC PattersonBestseller0228562479052Due 4-23-2014
Queens VillageFIC PattersonBestseller0228572209085Due 4-14-2014
Queens VillageFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990850Due 4-24-2014
Queens VillageFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990868Available
Queens Village MABFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228572364195Due 5-19-2014
Queens Village MABFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562991023Due 5-27-2014
Queens Village MABFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228572364146Due 5-12-2014
Rego ParkFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990801Available
Rego ParkFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990793Due 5-2-2014
Richmond HillFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990835Due 4-16-2014
Richmond HillFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990843Available
RidgewoodFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990827Available
RidgewoodFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990819Due 4-23-2014
Rochdale VillageFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990785Available
SeasideFIC PattersonBestseller0228561023406Due 4-15-2014
SeasideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562600947Due 5-9-2014
SeasideFIC PattersonBestseller0228562600939Due 4-27-2014
South HollisFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990926In Transit
South JamaicaFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990918Available
South Ozone ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991098Available
St.AlbansFIC PattersonBestseller0228562990934Due 4-26-2014
St.AlbansFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228565092555Due 5-9-2014
Steinway - Young AdultFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990975Due 4-30-2014
Steinway - Young AdultFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990959Available
SunnysideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990983Available
SunnysideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562990900Due 5-1-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228572049713Available
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228572049606Available
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228572049671Due 5-12-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228540711881Due 5-12-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562991106Due 5-1-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228540798342Due 5-5-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonBestseller0228572049663Due 4-28-2014
WhitestoneFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562991080Available
Windsor ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991072Due 4-28-2014
Windsor ParkFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991056In Transit
WoodhavenFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991064Due 4-30-2014
WoodsideFIC PattersonAdult Hard Cover0228562991031Due 5-1-2014
WoodsideFIC PattersonBestseller0228562991049Available

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  Axi Moore is a "good girl": She studies hard, stays out of the spotlight, and doesn't tell anyone that what she really wants is to run away from it all. The only person she can tell is her best friend, Robinson--who she also happens to be madly in love with. When Axi impulsively invites Robinson to come with her on an unplanned cross-country road trip, she breaks the rules for the first time in her life. But the adventure quickly turns from carefree to out-of-control... A remarkably moving tale with its origins in James Patterson's own past, First Love is testament to the power of first love--and how it can change the rest of your life.

Marc Record

01553cam a22004338i 4500
131119s2014 nyu d 000 1 eng
$a 2013-006955
$a 9780316207041 (hardcover) : $c $26.00
$a 0316207047
$a 201311191006 $b sislam $y 201311190948 $z sislam
$a DLC $b eng $e rda $c DLC $d OCLCO $d YDXCP $d BTCTA $d BDX $d UPZ
$a pcc $a lcac
$a [Fic] $2 23
$a FIC Patterson
$a Patterson, James, $d 1947- $e author.
$a First love / $c by James Patterson and Emily Raymond.
$a First edition.
$a 1312
$a New York ; $a Boston : $b Little, Brown and Company, $c 2014.
$a pages ; $c cm
$a text $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $2 rdamedia
$a volume $2 rdacarrier
$a Runaways Axi, sixteen, and Robinson, seventeen, who met on a cancer ward, leave small-town Oregon on a cross-country trip to experience the best of life before it is too late.
$a A Dec13-CP
$a Automobile travel $v Fiction.
$a Cancer $v Fiction.
$a Conduct of life $v Fiction.
$a Young adult fiction.
$a Love stories.
$a Raymond, Emily, $e author.
$a C0 $b ZQP
$a SISLAM-CC:1113
$a VTLSSORT0080 0100 0400 0200 0201 0420 0820 0490 0990 1000 2450 2500 2630 2640 3000 3360 3370 3380 5200 5990 6500 6501 6502 6550 ******************* 9992

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