Innocence : a novel / Dean Koontz.

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Innocence : a novel


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Summary/Annotation ->  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Innbsp; Innocence,nbsp; Dean Koontz blends mystery, suspense, and acute insight into the human soul in a masterfully told tale that will resonate with readers forever. He lives in solitude beneath the city, an exile from society, which will destroy him if he is ever seen. nbsp; She dwells in seclusion, a fugitive from enemies who will do her harm if she is ever found. nbsp; But the bond between them runs deeper than the tragedies that have scarred their lives. Something more than chance--and nothing less than destiny--has brought them together in a world whose hour of reckoning is fast approaching. Praise for Innocence nbsp; "A thriller that's both chilling and fulfilling." -- People (four stars) "Laced with fantastical mysticism, it's an allegory of nonviolence, acceptance and love in the face of adversity. . . . The narrative is intense, with an old-fashioned ominousness and artistically crafted descriptions. . . . An optimistic and unexpected conclusion [mirrors] his theme. Something different this way comes from Mr. Koontz's imagination. Enjoy." -- Kirkus Reviews nbsp; "Mystery and terror, the paranormal and romance--all combine to make Innocence a challenging and emotional experience." -- New York Journal of Books nbsp; "This novel really is something special. . . . This may just be the book Dean Koontz was born to write." -- Thriller Books Journal "Entrancing . . . as speedy a chase-thriller as any Koontz . . . has ever constructed. Written in Koontz' late mellifluent and reflective manner . . . [ Innocence is] fueled by deep disgust with the world's evils [and] hope for redemption." -- Booklist (starred review) nbsp; "[An] imaginative, mystical thriller from bestseller Koontz . . . This is the most satisfying Koontz standalone in a while." -- Publishers Weekly nbsp; "Masterful storyteller Koontz delivers perhaps his most eerie and unusual tale to date. The timeline in this amazing story is compact, and readers will be swept along as they try to unravel hints and clues as to the true nature of both the protagonists and the unfolding drama. Unpredictably spine-chilling and terrifying, this is a story readers won't soon forget." -- RT Book Reviews nbsp; "Elegant . . . Fans of Koontz's previous series will be left hoping that Addison and Gwyneth, too, will return." -- Library Journal


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Windsor ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939972Available
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WhitestoneFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939931Available
WhitestoneFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569799965Available
SunnysideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939808Available
SunnysideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939816Available
SteinwayFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939857Available
St.AlbansFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939840Available
South Ozone ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939980Available
South JamaicaFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939790Available
South HollisFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939824Available
SeasideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562932373Available
SeasideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562932381Available
SeasideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562411568Available
SeasideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562932399Available
RosedaleFIC KoontzBestseller0228562939832Available
Rochdale VillageFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939766Available
RidgewoodFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909470Available
Richmond HillFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939741Available
Richmond HillFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939774Available
Rego ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909413Available
Queensboro HillFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228580913801Available
Queens Village MABFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569708271Due 4-27-2015
Queens Village MABFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569708305Available
Queens Village MABFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939907Available
Queens VillageFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909520Available
PoppenhusenFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939758Available
PomonokFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939717Available
PeninsulaFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562411550Available
Ozone ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939964Available
North HillsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939725Due 4-13-2015
North Forest ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939691Available
North Forest ParkFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939709Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939956Due 3-31-2015
Middle VillageFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939782Available
McGoldrickFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939873Available
McGoldrickFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939881Available
MaspethFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939899Available
Long Island CityFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562939865Available
Lefrak CityFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937976Available
LeffertsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909538Available
LeffertsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909546Available
LaureltonFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909496Due 4-16-2015
Langston HughesFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937935Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909488Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909553Available
Jackson HeightsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909454Available
Jackson HeightsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909439Available
HollisFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937943Available
HillcrestFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938156Due 4-3-2015
HillcrestFIC KoontzBestseller0228562938180Available
GlendaleFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938164Available
Glen OaksFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569710111Available
Glen OaksFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569710392Due 4-13-2015
Glen OaksFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938149Available
Glen OaksFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228569710335Available
Fresh MeadowsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909629Due 4-18-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909637Available
Forest HillsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909645Available
Forest HillsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562910767Due 4-13-2015
FlushingFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562908704Available
FlushingFIC KoontzBestseller0228562909603Available
FlushingFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562908696Available
Far RockawayFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909660Available
ElmhurstFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938024Available
East FlushingFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562945847Available
East ElmhurstFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938016Available
DouglastonFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937877Available
CoronaFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937992Available
Central Library (Jamaica)FIC KoontzBestseller0228573620074Available
Central Adult FictionFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562500428Available
Central Adult FictionFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562500394Available
Cambria HeightsFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938198Available
BroadwayFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909868Available
BriarwoodFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937869Available
BelleroseFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938040Available
BaysideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909587Available
BaysideFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909595Available
Bay TerraceFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937901Available
Bay TerraceFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937893Due 4-8-2015
Baisley ParkFIC KoontzBestseller0228562937885Available
AuburndaleFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938057Available
AuburndaleFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562937851Due 4-10-2015
AstoriaFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562938032Available
ArverneFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562411535Available
ArverneFIC KoontzAdult Hard Cover0228562909215Available

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$a PS3561.O55 $b I55 2013
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$a FIC Koontz
$a Koontz, Dean R. $q (Dean Ray), $d 1945-, $e author.
$a Innocence : $b a novel / $c Dean Koontz.
$a First edition.
$a New York : $b Bantam Books, $c 2013.
$a pages cm
$a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
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