The Valley of Amazement / Amy Tan.

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The Valley of Amazement

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Violet Minturn, a half-Chinese/half-American courtesan who deals in seduction and illusion in Shanghai, struggles to find her place in the world, while her mother, Lucia, tries to make sense of the choices she has made and the men who have shaped her.

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Summary/Annotation ->  New York Times bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan brings us her latest novel: a sweeping, evocative epic of two women's intertwined fates and their search for identity--from the lavish parlors of Shanghai courtesans to the fog- shrouded mountains of a remote Chinese village Shanghai, 1912. Violet Minturn is the privileged daughter of the American madam of the city's most exclusive courtesan house. But when the Ching dynasty is overturned, Violet is separated from her mother in a cruel act of chicanery and forced to become a "virgin courtesan." Half-Chinese and half-American, Violet grapples with her place in the worlds of East and West--until she is able to merge her two halves, empowering her to become a shrewd courtesan who excels in the business of seduction and illusion, though she still struggles to understand who she is. Back in 1897 San Francisco, Violet's mother, Lucia, chooses a disastrous course as a sixteen-year-old, when her infatuation with a Chinese painter compels her to leave her home for Shanghai. Shocked by her lover's adherence to Chinese traditions, she is unable to change him, despite her unending American ingenuity. Fueled by betrayals, both women refuse to submit to fate and societal expectations, persisting in their quests to recover what was taken from them: respect; a secure future; and, most poignantly, love from their parents, lovers, and children. To reclaim their lives, they take separate journeys--to a backwater hamlet in China, the wealthy environs of the Hudson River Valley, and, ultimately, the unknown areas of their hearts, where they discover what remains after their many failings to love and be loved. Spanning more than forty years and two continents, The Valley of Amazement transports readers from the collapse of China's last imperial dynasty to the beginning of the Republic and recaptures the lost world of old Shanghai through the inner workings of courtesan houses and the lives of the foreigners living in the International Settlement, both erased by World War II. A deeply evocative narrative of the profound connections between mothers and daughters, imbued with Tan's characteristic insight and humor, The Valley of Amazement conjures a story of inherited trauma, desire and deception, and the power and obstinacy of love.


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Central Adult FictionFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228562904679Due 11-3-2014
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South Ozone ParkFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228519449547In Transit
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HillcrestFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936533Due 11-3-2014
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McGoldrickFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935535Due 9-29-2014
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ElmhurstFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935493Available
DouglastonFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935667Available
CoronaFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935642Available
RidgewoodFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935600Available
RidgewoodFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935592Due 11-3-2014
GlendaleFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935485Available
DouglastonFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935675Available
Glen OaksFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935691Due 10-1-2014
Howard BeachFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935683Available
Jackson HeightsFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935923Due 9-27-2014
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Fresh MeadowsFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935972Due 10-9-2014
LaureltonFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935865Due 10-3-2014
LeffertsFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935733Available
BaysideFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935725Available
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BaysideFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935857In Transit
FlushingFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935964Available
Far RockawayFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935956Due 10-3-2014
Jackson HeightsFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935931In Transit
Rego ParkFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935899Available
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PomonokFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936087In Transit
PoppenhusenFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936178Available
Ozone ParkFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936160Due 10-9-2014
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Long Island CityFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936327Due 9-29-2014
Court SquareFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936491Due 10-3-2014
SteinwayFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936509Available
Queens Village MABFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936517Due 9-2-2014
SunnysideFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936145Due 11-3-2014
South HollisFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936111Available
WhitestoneFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560936095Due 9-29-2014
Windsor ParkFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935790Due 9-30-2014
AuburndaleFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935808Available
BriarwoodFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935618Available
AstoriaFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935824Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935584Due 9-19-2014
WoodhavenFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936467Available
WhitestoneFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935568Due 11-3-2014
Richmond HillFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936079Due 10-1-2014
South JamaicaFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936129Available
Richmond HillFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560936053Due 9-15-2014
WoodsideFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935774Available
Windsor ParkFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935782Due 10-7-2014
WoodsideFIC Tan21 Day Non-Requestable0228560935766Due 10-3-2014
Fresh MeadowsFIC TanAdult Hard Cover0228560935915Due 9-23-2014

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$a FIC Tan
$a Tan, Amy, $e author.
$a The Valley of Amazement / $c Amy Tan.
$a New York : $b Ecco, $c 2013.
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$a Violet Minturn, a half-Chinese/half-American courtesan who deals in seduction and illusion in Shanghai, struggles to find her place in the world, while her mother, Lucia, tries to make sense of the choices she has made and the men who have shaped her.
$a A Oct13-CP
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$a Art $v Fiction.
$a Courtesans $v Fiction.
$a Family secrets $v Fiction.
$a Identity (Psychology) $v Fiction.
$a Kidnapping $v Fiction.
$a Mothers and daughters $v Fiction.
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$a San Francisco (Calif.) $v Fiction.
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