The husband's secret / Liane Moriarty.

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The husband's secret

New York : AMY EINHORN BOOKS, Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., 2013.
416 pages ; cm.
Discovering a tattered letter that says she is to open it only in the event of her husband's death, Cecelia is unable to resist reading the letter and discovers a secret that shatters her life and the lives of two other women.

Reviews and Notes

Summary/Annotation ->  The #1 New York Times Bestseller ... "A novel that's perfect for vacation reading." - People "It's a knowing, touching, and entertaining page-turner. What a wonderful writer-smart, wise, funny." -Anne Lamott " The Husband's Secret is so good, you won't be able to keep it to yourself." - USA Today "Shocking, complex and thought-provoking, this is a story reading groups will devour.  A knockout!" -Emily Giffin, New York Times bestselling author " The Husband's Secret is a smart, thoughtful read... [a] lip-smacking and intelligently written novel." - Entertainment Weekly "For a provocative page-turner, read The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty." - Woman's World "Brilliant." -Sophia Hannah, international bestselling author of The Wrong Mother  At the heart of The Husband's Secret is a letter that's not meant to be read My darling Cecilia, if you're reading this, then I've died. . . Imagine that your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret-something with the potential to destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others as well. Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive. . . . Cecilia Fitzpatrick has achieved it all-she's an incredibly successful businesswoman, a pillar of her small community, and a devoted wife and mother. Her life is as orderly and spotless as her home. But that letter is about to change everything, and not just for her: Rachel and Tess barely know Cecilia-or each other-but they too are about to feel the earth-shattering repercussions of her husband's secret. Acclaimed author Liane Moriarty has written a gripping, thought-provoking novel about how well it is really possible to know our spouses-and, ultimately, ourselves.  .


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Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572054051On Hold
St.AlbansFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562500501Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572183876Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572054127Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572054143Due 3-9-2015
HollisFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572024435Available
DouglastonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562943230Due 3-19-2015
WhitestoneFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568380213Due 3-19-2015
WhitestoneFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568380460Due 3-6-2015
Windsor ParkFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562893476Available
Windsor ParkFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562893484Due 3-5-2015
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572054093Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572187083In Transit Requested
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572006408Due 3-6-2015
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572006366Due 3-25-2015
Queens VillageFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572154901Due 3-6-2015
Cambria HeightsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560870674Due 3-23-2015
FlushingFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228564988720Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572186523Due 3-24-2015
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572006325Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572054085Due 3-4-2015
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572183884Due 3-16-2015
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572187109Available
Glen OaksFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572186085Available
MaspethFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562955739Due 3-11-2015
MaspethFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562955721Due 3-17-2015
PeninsulaFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568397456On Hold
BelleroseFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228571199832Due 3-11-2015
Central Adult Fiction- Ask at DeskFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228566035223In Transit Requested
North Forest ParkFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568396219Available
Richmond HillFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562685260Available
Howard BeachFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228555380440Due 3-19-2015
North HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228433910814Available
Mitchell-LindenFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228546540490Due 3-24-2015
PomonokFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572560438Due 3-23-2015
SteinwayFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228436473935Due 3-4-2015
Jackson HeightsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228574444599Available
DouglastonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562644671Due 3-24-2015
Bay TerraceFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569776567On Hold
DouglastonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562976859Due 3-19-2015
Bay TerraceFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228573606842Due 3-11-2015
SunnysideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228562922770Due 3-12-2015
Queens VillageFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568368507Available
Bay TerraceFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572225206Due 3-17-2015
BaysideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228561108322Due 3-11-2015
RidgewoodFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560837301On Hold
SeasideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565164081Available
SeasideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565164099Available
BaysideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228561108702Due 3-16-2015
Lefrak CityFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560902519Available
AstoriaFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560941400Available
SunnysideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228561090678Available
Forest HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553542124Due 3-24-2015
AuburndaleFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569797712Available
BriarwoodFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560749357Due 3-16-2015
SunnysideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228561090660Due 3-26-2015
Richmond HillFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553549004Available
SeasideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553552263In Transit Requested
Central Adult FictionFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565799548In Transit Requested
North HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569798090Due 3-18-2015
Central Adult FictionFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228561088524Due 3-16-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228568102195In Transit Requested
BroadwayFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560763994Due 3-10-2015
Forest HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560761618Due 3-13-2015
Central Adult FictionFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565799647Due 3-9-2015
PomonokFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228556637095Available
Forest HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553529006Due 3-14-2015
Broad ChannelFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228556632732On Hold
FlushingFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553534543Available
Forest HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560791490In Transit
FlushingFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560792985Due 3-16-2015
SeasideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553552271In Transit Requested
AuburndaleFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569714675On Hold
Central Adult FictionFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560982339In Transit Requested
Lefrak CityFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560982214Due 3-18-2015
SeasideFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228553550671Due 3-18-2015
East FlushingFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560986694Available
Kew Gardens HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569736769Due 3-6-2015
Kew Gardens HillsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228569736751Due 3-25-2015
ElmhurstFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565851927Due 3-5-2015
DouglastonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565845283Due 3-19-2015
DouglastonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565845275Due 3-12-2015
Windsor ParkFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565832281Due 3-19-2015
Central Adult FictionFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560982305Due 3-19-2015
FlushingFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228560727908Available
HillcrestFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228572117908Due 3-19-2015
Fresh MeadowsFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228556667845Due 3-6-2015
LaureltonFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228565811517Available
Queens Village MABFIC MoriartyAdult Hard Cover0228567911745Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519440447Requested for Loan
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519436346Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519440454Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519440199Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519436338Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519436320Available
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519440173Due 3-11-2015
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519440181In Transit Requested
Central Library Hot PicksFIC MoriartyAdult Hot Picks- 7 Day0228519436437Available
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC MoriartyBestseller0228560982321Due 3-7-2015
Central Lib Current CollectionFIC MoriartyBestseller0228565159438Due 3-4-2015

Marc Record

01502nam a22003858i 4500
130627s2013 nyu 000 1 eng
$a 2013-009340
$a 9780399159343 (hardcover) : $c $25.95
$a 0399159347
$a 201307111049 $b jtsung $y 201306271542 $z jlin $w AFJuly13.dat $x 91
$a DLC $b eng $c DLC $e rda
$a 823/.92 $2 23
$a 823.9200
$a FIC Moriarty
$a Moriarty, Liane.
$a The husband's secret / $c Liane Moriarty.
$a First American Edition.
$a New York : $b AMY EINHORN BOOKS, Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., $c 2013.
$a 1308
$a 416 pages ; $c cm.
$a text $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $2 rdamedia
$a volume $2 rdacarrier
$a Discovering a tattered letter that says she is to open it only in the event of her husband's death, Cecelia is unable to resist reading the letter and discovers a secret that shatters her life and the lives of two other women.
$a A July13
$a Husband and wife $v Fiction.
$a Letters $v Fiction.
$2 BISAC $a FICTION / Contemporary Women
$a Domestic fiction.
$a JTSUNG-CC:0713
$a VTLSSORT0010 0080 0100 0200 0201 0400 0820 0920 0990 1000 2450 2500 2600 2630 3000 3360 3370 3380 5200 5990 6500 6501 6540 6550 9950 9992