Rose Harbor in bloom : a novel / Debbie Macomber.

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Rose Harbor in bloom


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Summary/Annotation ->  #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Hailed as "the reigning queen of women's fiction" ( The Sacramento Bee ), Debbie Macomber is renowned for her novels of love, friendship, and the promise of fresh starts. Now Macomber returns to the charming Rose Harbor Inn, where each guest finds a second chance and every room comes with an inspiring new view. Since moving to Cedar Cove, Jo Marie Rose has truly started to feel at home, and her neighbors have become her closest friends. Now it's springtime, and Jo Marie is eager to finish the most recent addition to her inn. In memory of her late husband, Paul, she has designed a beautiful rose garden for the property and enlisted handyman Mark Taylor to help realize it. She and Mark don't always see eye-to-eye--and at times he seems far removed--yet deep down, Jo Marie finds great comfort in his company. And while she still seeks a sense of closure, she welcomes her latest guests, who are on their own healing journeys. Annie Newton arrives in town to orchestrate her grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. While Annie is excited for the festivities, she's struggling to move on from her broken engagement, and her grandparents themselves seem to be having trouble getting along. Worse, Annie is forced to see Oliver Sutton, with whom she grew up and who has always mercilessly teased her. But the best parties end with a surprise, and Annie is in for the biggest one of all. High-powered businesswoman Mary Smith, another Rose Harbor Inn guest, has achieved incredible success in her field, yet serious illness has led her to face her sole, lingering regret. Almost nineteen years ago, she ended her relationship with her true love, George Hudson, and now she's returned to Cedar Cove to make amends. Compassion and joy await Jo Marie, Annie, and Mary as they make peace with their pasts and look boldly toward their futures. Rose Harbor in Bloom is Debbie Macomber at her heartwarming best. Praise for Rose Harbor in Bloom "Takes readers on personal journeys of first love, lost love and recaptured love." -- Bookreporter "A wonderful reading experience . . . as [the characters'] stories unfold, you almost feel they have become friends." --Wichita Falls Times Record News "Readers will find the emotionally impactful storylines and sweet, redemptive character arcs for which the author is famous. Classic Macomber, which will please fans and keep them coming back for more." -- Kirkus Reviews "Macomber's legions of fans will embrace this cozy, heartwarming read." -- Booklist "Macomber uses warmth, humor and superb storytelling skills to deliver a tale that charms and entertains." -- BookPage "[Macomber] draws in threads of her earlier book in this series, The Inn at Rose Harbor, in what is likely to be just as comfortable a place for Macomber fans as for Jo Marie's guests at the inn." -- The Seattle Times "Macomber is an institution in women's fiction. Her principal talent lies in creating characters with a humble, familiar charm. They possess complex personalities, but it is their kinder qualities that are emphasized in the warm world of her novels--a world much like Rose Harbor Inn, in which one wants to curl up and stay." -- Shelf Awareness


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$a FIC Macomber
$a Macomber, Debbie, $e author.
$a Rose Harbor in bloom : $b a novel / $c Debbie Macomber.
$a First edition.
$a New York : $b Ballantine Books, $c 2013.
$a pages cm
$a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
$a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
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$a A July13-CP
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$a Domestic fiction.
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