The time keeper



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Marc Record

I checked this book out at my local library on a whim - no one I knew had read it or heard about it. I was intrigued by the synopsis on the back and decided to give it a chance. It turned out to be a "feel good" book. Reading it makes you take a step back and appreciate your life.

It is centered around Dor, who lived eons ago. Basically, he discovers numbers (how to count things) and time, but he was not given credit for it in modern day history. His wife dies and he vows to avenge her death by killing the gods. It just so happened that the ruler of his village built a tower to reach the heavens because the ruler wanted to kill the gods to gain their power. So, Dor has a chance. He makes it to the top of the tower with the full intention of killing the gods, but he does not succeed. Instead he is punished by being exiled to a cave and becomes Father Time. While in this cave, he has to listen to every plea on earth revolving around time. As time passes, he is able to notice that the earth's population is growing by the number of pleas he hears every second.

Not only are we reading about Dor, but we are introduced to Victor and Sarah. Victor is a billionaire, on the brink of death, trying to extend his life. Sarah is a depressed teenager about to commit suicide. As you read about Victor and Sarah, it is easy to identify and relate to our obsession with time.

Dor is able to finally leave the cave 6000 years later, only to embark on a mission. While he was prisoner, he did not age. He was ready to die and join his wife, but he had to complete the mission first. Until he shows Victor and Sarah the value of life and death, he his able to join his wife Alli in heaven.

I definitely recommend reading this book. Even though it is a feel good book, it is not cheesy by any means whatsoever nor does it try to preach. It merely illustrates a part of our society with poetic prose and relatable situations. If you are under a lot of stress at the moment, this is a great read to boost your mood.